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May 2010 - Page 3 of 3 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

May 7, 2010

Friday Recap: Orange-Creamsicle Sunset Edition

orange volcano cloud

Man, it’s a beautiful Friday. Sun’s shining in clear skies with a slight breeze that’s got the leaves dancing. It’d be a nice day to play hooky. But instead I’ll play blogger and leave the ditching to Ferris Bueller. No really. Ferris is somewhere in Chicago, breaking into a fierce lip sync mid-parade right now — and he’s tweeting about it.

I’d totally trade places with Ferris right now. rated the 100 most fun U.S. cities, and Chicago placed second. New York placed first and my lovely locale, L.A., is sitting pretty at number five. Did your city make the list?

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Google unveils two new innovations

Google sidebar

Wow the big G has been busy lately, rolling out this, debuting that. Two of the newest innovations that have been revealed are the new keyword data within Google webmaster tools and a redesign of the Google homepage, not only in the US for chrome users but now in Australia for most browser users, most […]

May 6, 2010

Busting the Myth of Originality: Branding Basics

Transparentised version of :Image:Gluehlampe 0...

My favorite band once told me to “come original.” While 311 is my life’s soundtrack, on this point I suggest otherwise.

Here’s a concept: This thought is not original.

But it hasn’t discouraged me. The truth is that most ideas aren’t. Trying to be original in the 21st century can be a paralyzing goal because really, what hasn’t been thought of at this point? Chasing after an original idea can lead to frustration and the death of a good idea, if not an original one.

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May 5, 2010

The Engine-izer Bunny: Changes Keep Coming and Coming — SEM Synergy Extras

Hide Google Options plugin icon

On today’s episode of SEM Synergy we spend some time talking about how Google is testing links to brands in product-related SERPs, as well as other news from the search engines. Along those lines, today’s extras are search engine news items worth a run down.
New Google SERPs Layout Goes Live

We all caught on to the tests, and Susan was even a guinea pig, but the new user interface for Google’s search results has made its official debut. Google’s calling it a new look for a new season. You’ll also notice that the company gave their logo a nip and tuck to boot.

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May 4, 2010

Branding Hierarchy of Needs

Branding Hierarchy of Needs

Digital media has afforded companies ever-more opportunities to develop and reinforce a brand and to reach a large audience with their message. At the same time, the environment has sped up the required reaction time for a brand manager to respond to criticism and complaints. Yet, while some aspects of branding have been augmented or become more urgent with the advent of the Internet, the general building blocks remain the same.

While more businesses are setting up shop due to the ease of publishing and tools to reach an audience online, there’s a growing need for basic branding guidelines that can be communicated to a general audience. And so we propose the Branding Hierarchy of Needs.

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May 3, 2010

Content Boot Camp: Send the Right Messages

So, you’ve begun to figure out who your audience is and what your competitive advantage may be, now what? Focus on two things:

1. What your key messages are.
2. How you’re going to convey those messages.

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