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June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Des!

des with cupcake

For Des is a jolly good fellow, for Des is a jolly good fellow, for Des is a jolly good fellowww, which nobody can deny. Best wishes from the Bruce Clay Australia team! Des with his lovely cupcakes: The team eagerly digging in:

June 2, 2010

Video Optimisation


Following on from my fellow blogger Isriel’s post, I shall be going into a few tips on how to optimize for video content, as part of your entire search engine optimisation strategy. When optimising for video, the following are perhaps a few steps that might have been looked over or missed, that can lead to […]

A New Blogger is in the 'House'


Hello, Konnichi wa, Annyong Haseyo, Ciao and Ni Hao to you all! As you all know, our Marc is a fantastic blogger and helped the Bruce Clay Australia blog become an authoritative source for all information SEO. Sadly, he will no longer be blogging for Bruce Clay Australia. And so! As the new staff member […]

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