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June 6, 2005

Search: The Most Successful Form of Advertising?

This morning Search Engine Lowdown discussed Google’s interest in proving that search is the most successful form of advertising, more so than advertising in trade magazines, etc. The search, which polled 900 technology professionals, was conducted by Millward Brown, a global market research agency. The search found that in the research phase of purchasing, search […]

June 2, 2005

Search Engine Comparisons

Search Engine Lowdown has a blog post today on a study that was done by CNET which ranked each of the search engines. Some, but not all, of the categories considered were: News Images Shopping Translation Movie Listings The top three winning engines were Google, Yahoo and A9. Google came in first, with a ranking […]

Popular Newly Launched Websites–good or bad?

Nathan Weinberg, from Inside Google, comments on an interesting article today regarding whether newly launched sites which are experiencing numerous visits, are suspect in the eyes of the search engines. It would seem that a new site which is experiencing many hits would be positive but according to Darren Rowse, that might not be the […]

June 1, 2005

Q & A with Jim Lanzone

A couple of days ago I posted a blog informing everyone that Jim Lanzone, the Senior VP of Ask Jeeves, was going to have a live Q & A session, this was according to Search Engine Roundtable. He did so over the weekend and apparently, is continuing to answer questions currently. Some of the questions […]


So, according to Google Blogoscoped, there is a google imposter, called Schmoogle. Apparently, the idea behind schmoogle is that “all search engines are created equal,” which basically means that search engine optimization is meaningless because there exists no keyword ranking in the schmoogle world. The creator of Schmoogle, Tsila Hassine, had this to say about […]

May 31, 2005

Internet Advertising

On Friday, May 27, John Batelle wrote a blog about the increasing amount of money spent on Internet advertising, “Online ads at 12.3 Billion this year“. Batelle’s blog references an article concerning Goldman Sachs’ (among others) predictions on Internet advertising this year, “Goldman Sachs Predicts $12.3 Billion Online Ad Market In ’05“. Some of the […]

May 27, 2005

Ask Jeeves Q & A Session

According to Search Engine Roundtable, Jim Lanzone, the Senior VP from Ask Jeeves, will be answering questions in a live Q & A session, hosted by Cre8asite forums. You can visit the forum and ask him questions now through Monday. He will be answering questions starting on Sunday and continuing through Monday. Here are a […]

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