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June 14, 2012

The Day I Learned I Used to Spam

A Journal

I started off my first job after graduating college working for a small consumer electronics company, which operated several websites, all selling the same things. The main site had a PageRank of 3, and the entire time I was employed there, the goal was to improve it, and hopefully improve our search engine rankings as well.

The sites’ SEO was done by one man, my boss. He described SEO in terms of “white hat” and “black hat”. He wanted SEO done “white hat” because he didn’t want the sites being penalized. This was the first time I heard the terms White Hat and Black Hat. After I moved on from that company, I realized that not all of the things that I was doing were considered White Hat SEO techniques. I later figured out that the things we were doing were more in the gray area.

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