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October 27, 2011

The value of organic rankings – A CTR study

One of the most difficult questions a client often asks is, “How much money can be made with this SEO project”. The answer to this is always a tricky one as there are some many variables involved. One of the Bruce Clay Australia directors, Des Odell, has written a great article about SEO ROI, which […]

July 20, 2011


December 23, 2010

Key items to ensure a successful SEO project in a large complex business

1.   Training for the SEO team and SEO practitioners Most large businesses have an internal SEO team, sometimes even bigger that the agency itself actually. For the agency, the challenge is to show added value to the existing considerable knowledge base of the in-house SEO team. For these guys, it’s about putting their trust into […]

July 19, 2010

SEO Factors & Trends 2010 – July Update


In January 2010, Bruce Clay Australia released its annual SEO report including key 2009 ranking factors and major trends for 2010. Six months later, the search engine landscape has evolved dramatically, confirming these trends and introducing new dimensions to them. The key factors with increased importance in 2010 are speed of site, mobile search, online […]

January 19, 2010

2010 SEO Checklist

real time search

2009 has seen so many changes in the Search Engine Industry and you would probably be surprised to realise how these changes have an impact on your business. The Vince update is already so far away and so 2009 anyway, but 2010 looks very promising and full of exciting innovations that will keep on influencing […]

November 26, 2009

Google on Speed

Bruce Clay Australia Search Engine Optimisation Speed Chart 1

More Caffeine and more Speed Google and Speed are very much interlinked. Matt Cutts officially announced that speed would play a role in the Google ranking algorithm. This announcement makes sense when put in perspective with the imminent release of Caffeine, an improved version of Google search with a strong emphasis on speed. The SEO […]

October 16, 2009

Rich Snippets, Semantic web, Linked Data and SEO


You probably all have noticed that Google is displaying more and more rich snippets in its SERPs. These snippets include various information such as number of reviews, rating, price range, author, format, etc. These rich snippets are made possible thanks to two major open standards called Microformats and RDFa that are now supported by the […]

September 3, 2009

Google Wave


Yesterday, I went to the Fourth Estate Domain to see Lars Rasmussen being interviewed by Mike Walsh about Google Wave. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, Google Wave is a communication and collaboration tool that has been developed in Sydney, Australia by the team led by the brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen, co-creators […]

July 3, 2009

Facebook Search


Last Wednesday, I was reading this article on Mashable about Facebook publisher when I thought it looked more and more like Twitter. No surprise then, when after two days, I was reading a second article on Facebook’s fan revealing the new Twitter-like features that Facebook will be unveiling for its publisher status bar. Facebook already […]

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