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July 27, 2011

Dethroning the King: Why Great Content Won’t Beat Your Competition

Dethroning the Content King

Content may be king, but without SEO, content rules over very few subjects; if you discount the finer points of SEO, your amazing content will get you nowhere.

Not too long ago, I posted this — admittedly more technical/advanced — SEO article on subdomains vs subfolders to my blog and promoted it through various social channels, including LinkedIn. Not long afterwards, a few less-than-positive comments surfaced in the LinkedIn discussions, and all of them hawking the same tired rhetoric. Here’s one:

“wont make a difference. what matters is quality content and giving the user what they want”

There is a business-ruining problem with this view. Of course the thing that matters most is quality content! However, there are literally hundreds of companies in almost every niche who think that all they have to do is produce good content and they will be successful. It is simply not the case in an even relatively competitive market.

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