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August 19, 2010

Managing Your Google Reputation — SES San Francisco

Andy Beal at SES

Chris Sheridan is moderating and introduces Andy Beal, who has the solo presentation for this reputation management session. Andy steps down off the podium to do his presentation on the floor amongst all of us little people.

About Andy:

  • CEO of
  • Editor of Marketing Pilgrim
  • Co-author of Radically Transparent
  • Hates the social media guru/expert/Grand Poobah term, but prefers being an active user without the moniker

He has one blank slide with the SES template so he meets the conference requirement before reverting back to his preferred display.

5 keys to SERM:

1. Rethinking keywords
2. Spider Friendly
3. Me, Myself, & Irene (Andy’s favorite slide)
4. Anchor’s Away
5. SuperBrand to the Rescue

Managing Your Google Reputation.

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