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January 14, 2014

SEOs: Share Top Content Performers and Traffic Referrers in #SEOchat this Thursday


Every Thursday, Internet marketers come together to compare notes in the #SEOChat Twitter chat (more about #SEOchat here). This Thursday, Jan. 16, at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST Bruce Clay, Inc. is hosting #SEOChat with an experimental new format: a live review of Google Analytics. Join us as we log into Google Analytics (or your preferred analytics software) and as a group, we’ll mine our 2013 data and compare notes on content performance and audience behavior. We’ll ask questions such as:

  • What was your top performing content area in 2013?
  • Top performing piece of content or blog post?
  • What was your top traffic referrer in 2013? Top social referrer?
  • What season saw the most engagement?

By identifying patterns and determining what’s working best, when it’s working and why it’s working, we can shape our 2014 SEO and content marketing strategy accordingly.

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October 17, 2013

Code Typo In Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reports Snippet

GA Demographic reports DC.js code

Warning! If you have it on your to-do list to get your Google Analytics account up and running with the new Google Analytics Demographics and Interests reports be aware that there is a sneaky apostrophe in the DC.js code snippet supplied on the Enable Demographics and Interests Google Analytics Help page that should be a single quote.

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June 3, 2013

2 New Tools in Google Analytics: Real-Time Widget and Benchmark Tool

Google Analytics conversion widget

Google Analytics is every Internet marketer’s best friend. The tools are always changing and updating, making the Google Analytics blog an important one to keep up on so you know the features, capabilities and data available to you. There are a couple new tools that got us really excited because of the intel they provide about how visitors are using our sites. Learn about the new Customer Journey tool and the Real-Time Widget now available through your Google Analytics account.

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May 16, 2013

How to Build a Google Analytics Tracking Code

UTM_Source=Awesome Google Analytics tracking code parameter

Google Analytics tracking codes — also know as custom campaigns or UTM codes — are custom tracking parameters that, when added to the end of a URL, communicate granular information that tells you more about how your referral traffic is interacting with your calls to action. As mentioned, UTM tracking codes amend (are added to the end of) the URL you want to track insights for, like this:

UTM tracking codes can help you analyze traffic from banner ads, email newsletters, social media content, and any other campaign that links people to a property that you own (such as your website or your blog). Learn how to compose a Google Analytics tracking code, how to use Campaign, Source and Medium parameters and why underscores might be better than dashes.

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February 20, 2013

Google Chrome Goes Dark

Search Engine Land graphic: Not Provided reaches 39% of keyword data in Google Analytics

The new version of Google Chrome 25 (still in beta, at the time of writing) will use SSL to encrypt Google searches through the Omnibox (used to type URLs and search), even for users not logged in. Previous searches were only encrypted for logged in users. By doing this the keyword is no longer passed into analytics software like Google Analytics, you will instead see “(not provided)”.

For search marketers and webmasters this means losing more keyword data. It follows from Firefox’s decision to use secure search in July 2012 and Safari iOS6 in September 2012.

Since the launch of the secure search in October 2011, (not provided) has been steadily increasing. With the average generally between 20-30%, others finding it is higher at 39%. No matter the figures it is growing consistently month on month and will not be going away.

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February 14, 2013

What’s Your Business’s One Key Metric?


Allow me to make a suggestion for all of us juggling metrics and data diving. Before you do anything else, figure out what your business’s one key metric is.

Measuring what matters (and disregarding what doesn’t) is Analytics 101. And it’s very important because with all that we can track and measure with web analytics, there’s the risk you’ll:

a) drown in data
b) be struck by info overload paralysis or
c) contribute to misleading metrics, whether intentionally or not.

Using the one key metric model is going to give you results, while chasing B.S. metrics doesn’t reveal meaningful insight into user behavior and preferences.

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October 2, 2012

What Technical SEO Metrics Are Important? — SMX East 2012

SMX East Logo

We just covered which SEO metrics are important to track in the last session. Now we’re talking technical SEO metrics. So, are you ready to get all jiggy with yummy tech metrics? Me too. You can follow tidbits from this session at #12b on Twitter.

What SEO Metrics Are Truly Important? — SMX East 2012

SMX East Logo

Hello, New York! I love this city. Waking up to the sounds of a bustling street makes me all warm and fuzzy. For this session, you can look at the Twitter hashtag #11b.

August 15, 2012

The B2B Challenge: Value and Attribution

SES Logo

In this session, Rob Cataford of BusinessOnline shows us how to use data in the B2B world. One question they get often is: How do I focus budget and effort to create the most effective content and use the best channel? Demonstrate the value of marketing. Focus budget and effort. Become a partner with sales. […]

Measuring Profit and ROI Across Channels

SES Logo

Good morning (well, Pacific Time)! This session is going to tackle attribution modeling and how channels work together for conversions. Here, we have Thomas Bindl (@RefinedAds) and Jamie Smith (@EngineReadyCEO) who are going to help us figure out the crazy world of multichannel attribution. First up is Jamie Smith. He is going to be focusing […]

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