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June 30, 2011

Have Traffic, need Conversion!

No longer is traffic the objective, it’s what you do with the visitors that count. Converting more visitors to your website is increasingly important in what is an increasingly competitive environment here in Australia. No matter how ‘relevant’ that traffic is or how much of it you have, the buck will always stop at your […]

March 24, 2011

Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman — SES New York 2011

SES: Conversion Tools Panel

After lunch. Three sessions to go. Energy fading fast. Coffee in hand.

Still no bagels.

Okay, lets get right to this.

* Moderator:
Anne F. Kennedy, SES Advisory Board, International Search Strategist, Beyond Ink USA
* Speakers:
Tim Ash, CEO,, @Tim_Ash
Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board and NYTimes Bestselling Author,

There’s so much star power on that stage, it’s blinding. I hope they’re giving away (to me) the books…oh it’s a raffle. Bother.

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March 10, 2011

Conversion Optimization Science – SMX West 2011

SMX West logo

Well, folks, this is the last session at SMX West 2011. Here’s a tissue, dry your eye. Conversion is an important last-step in your Internet marketing, so let’s hear from the experts on how to implement conversion rate optimization.

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January 26, 2011

How to Setup a Basic Conversion Testing Strategy

Conversion Testing Process Image

For many of us, conversion rate optimization (CRO) can seem like a complicated venture. Many people aren’t even sure where to begin. While each business might find the testing process needs to be tailored to the company and website, the following is some basic insight into how to create a CRO strategy for your company.

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December 28, 2010

Why Landing Page Optimization is Crucial and How to Start

Here’s a scenario: you’ve spent countless hours on the design of your website, with the input of several experts. You’ve based your design on the knowledge of your Web designer and the marketing and business savvy of either yourself, your team or the execs. You’ve even invested heavily in search engine optimization, Pay per Click and social media to ensure people are coming to your site.

Six months in, you find your rankings are high in the search engine results page (SERP) and you have a fair amount of traffic, but the time users are on your site and high bounce rate is painting a very different picture of the success of your website.

People are coming to your site, but they are leaving it quickly without taking any action. This means, you’re ready for the next step in Internet marketing: conversions. It’s time for landing page optimization. Without it, your money and your efforts for your site are going down the drain.

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October 25, 2010

If You’re Reading This, Google Hates You

Google Facebook Data

Actually Google’s not the only search engine that hates you, but it’s probably the only one that matters since it owns roughly 70 percent of the search market. Anyone who has attempted to run an SEO project is aware by now that Google changes things … a lot. So often, in fact, that we’re sometimes left questioning whether or not Google really has its users’ best interests in mind.

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October 13, 2010

Web Analytics: Past, Present and Future – SEM Synergy Extras

Time Spiral

On today’s show, we revisited “Web Analytics In-Depth,” a popular show from September 2009, where guests Avinash Kaushik, Jim Sterne and Daniel Waisberg – all leaders in their field – discussed analytics in the present and the future (with that future being the present).

In the first segment, Avinash and Daniel talked about points made in a co-authored two-part paper they wrote: “Web Analytics 2.0: Empowering Customer Centricity” and “Web Analytics 2.0: Empowering Customer Centricity – Part II.”

The paper touches on things like standard practices of analytics and also dives into a new, holistic way of looking at website analysis, dubbed “Web analytics 2.0.” And now that we’re in the present that the past show was referring to (Confused yet?), are the action items Avinash and Daniel deemed important then, still relevant now? You betcha.

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October 12, 2010

4 Questions with Avinash Kaushik: Kick-Ass Web Analytics

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is a best-selling author, co-founder of Market Motive Inc. and is the analytics evangelist for Google. You can catch Avinash as a keynote speaker for the upcoming SES Conference in Chicago on October 19. I was very fortunate to grab some of Avinash’s time to answer a few questions on the minds of search marketers relating to Web analytics. Enjoy this insightful interview!

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August 19, 2010

Tim Ash: The Four Pillars of Building Instant Trust Online — Keynote SES San Francisco

Tim Ash at SES

Good morning and welcome to the final day of SES San Francisco. We have another full day of coverage planned for you starting with the very excellent Tim Ash (@tim_ash) CEO, and all around smart guy.

Mike Grehan once again welcomes us to the show. Conversion Conference is going on today. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Tim jumps up on stage with a cheerful “Good morning, everybody!” and then mocks the room for failing to respond enthusiastically. Hee.

The four pillars of building trust online: It’s not about technology.

The most important things you’ll learn about marketing have nothing to do with technology. Marco Polo brought silk back from China and everyone went, “Ooh cool.” Radio? “Ooh, cool.” We’re still the same. It’s not the technology.

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August 17, 2010

21 Secrets of a Top Converting Website — SES San Francisco

ses sf logo

This session began with a 30-minute technical delay because Bryan’s iPad bricked and his presentation needed to be downloaded, converted to PPT and put on the conference machine. Now in desperation, we are going to go through his brother’s version.

Webinar version is available on Market Motive, so don’t worry that he will be going very, very fast to do 21 secrets in 31 minutes.

Bryan starts with Q & A.

Do you customize landing pages for GEO?
Customized landing pages for each geographic region led to very high conversion for one of Bryan’s most successful customers. Use Google Maps and mashups to deliver localize, specific content.

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