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April 27, 2012

How to Do SEO Web Design and Development

In a perfect world, site owners would consider SEO from the very start, before the Web design and development of the site was even a twinkle in their eye or a symbol in their code. We all know this isn’t the case, but every once and a while, we get lucky enough to build SEO in the site from the ground up, and it’s a beautiful thing.

When people think “Web design,” they often think of the look and feel of the site, the colors, the graphics, etc. From an SEO perspective, the design of the site includes that and so much more. It’s the architecture of the site that ensures it’s as search engine-friendly as possible, and it touches everything from the code to the content to the navigation and more. In this post, we’ll look at what it takes to build SEO into Web design and development.

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August 17, 2011

HTML5: A Cowpath on a Cliff


Karl Dubost, Developer Relations & Tools, Opera Software

Karl has a very thick accent, and honestly I’m horrible with accents so we’ll see how well I do with this session. I’ll do my best folks!

The main language of the web is HTML and up until recently it’s been mainly HTML4. HTML4 was/is DOM, CSS and JavaScript. We then moved to XHTML 1.0. It was supposed to be a pure language, the ‘promise land’…but it fell slightly short. Yet, something interesting that came out of XHTML is that people started to care about the semantics of the language. They realized that by using some of the elements they got benefits in the browsers and search engines.

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April 27, 2010

Developer Day – Search Friendly Web Development | SMX Sydney

Developing a crawlable infrastructure Speaker: Michael Motherwell, SEO Rainmaker – MMIT Consulting The session started with Michael Motherwell and his presentation on developing a crawlable infrastructure. The most important points included the following: Content – Create unique and valuable content. Avoid duplicate content, most common errors are caused by session ids, tracking codes, capitalization ( […]

August 7, 2009

SEO Advice in Your CMS!

Pixelsilk logo

What if SEO was never an afterthought? What if search engine optimization best practices could be easily considered as site content is created through a CMS? Now they can be, through an exciting new partnership between SEO-friendly CMS Pixelsilk and Bruce Clay, Inc.’s SEOToolSet diagnostic tools. [Warning: Shameless excitement below.] “The real problem that SEO […]

April 2, 2009

Yahoo!7, Aidan Beanland on Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Taking the stand as Bruce finishes up, and introduced by our own Jeremy Bolt (BCA Director), Aiden is the regional SEO manager for Yahoo!7. He is speaking on the intriguing topic of Search Engine Friendly Web Design. This will give insight into the type of guidance that web developers need to take into account before […]

February 24, 2009

Hold on to Your Hard Hats: Blog Renovation Zone

Pat and V

Pat & Me at SES SJ Search Bash. Photo by the lovely Kate Morris. Patrick Sexton is a wildly passionate, remarkably generous and insanely crafty SEO. This morning he gave me some sound advice on how to make the BC blog better. I’m still blushing over the obvious effort and care he took to do […]

August 21, 2008

How to Speak Geek: Working Collaboratively with Your IT Department to Get Stuff Done

Ah, the internal battle of IT and marketing. How do you get the IT folks to actually implement your brilliant vision? I have no idea but our panelists Matt Bailey (SiteLogic), Greg Boser (3 Dog Media), Sage Lewis (SageRock) and Chris “Silver” Smith (Netconcepts) think they do. Greg and Sage are last minute additions and […]

August 8, 2008

The Evolution of Twitter Profiles

Editor’s Note: Before she wrote this entry, Rhea asked if it was okay to use images. I said we love them. Clearly one should watch what they say around Rhea. ;) This is our last guest blog, folks! Enjoy! –Susan I hate the Bruce Clay blog. Seriously, it’s boring (not the writing, I love Susan […]

August 6, 2008

CMS is Not a Four Letter Word

Editor’s Note: Our second blogger today is Megan Slick. Megan and Smart Solutions would like to get your thoughts on CMS. The Content Management System (CMS) was born out of needs. These needs included: Non-technical website owners having the ability to update their sites in a friendly WYSIWYG Scalability for medium sites to grow into […]

August 4, 2008

An Insider’s Look at the REAL Search Engine Marketing Play Book

Editor’s Note: With Lisa away, we’re kicking off a week of guest stars. Up first is thoughts from everyone’s favorite usability guru, Kim Krause Berg of –Susan Since my High School never won a football game, it wasn’t until I went with a boyfriend to a big game between Lehigh and Lafayette Universities that […]

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