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August 21, 2008

How to Speak Geek: Working Collaboratively with Your IT Department to Get Stuff Done

Ah, the internal battle of IT and marketing. How do you get the IT folks to actually implement your brilliant vision? I have no idea but our panelists Matt Bailey (SiteLogic), Greg Boser (3 Dog Media), Sage Lewis (SageRock) and Chris “Silver” Smith (Netconcepts) think they do. Greg and Sage are last minute additions and […]

August 8, 2008

The Evolution of Twitter Profiles

Editor’s Note: Before she wrote this entry, Rhea asked if it was okay to use images. I said we love them. Clearly one should watch what they say around Rhea. This is our last guest blog, folks! Enjoy! –Susan I hate the Bruce Clay blog. Seriously, it’s boring (not the writing, I love Susan and […]

August 6, 2008

CMS is Not a Four Letter Word

Editor’s Note: Our second blogger today is Megan Slick. Megan and Smart Solutions would like to get your thoughts on CMS. The Content Management System (CMS) was born out of needs. These needs included: Non-technical website owners having the ability to update their sites in a friendly WYSIWYG Scalability for medium sites to grow into […]

August 4, 2008

An Insider’s Look at the REAL Search Engine Marketing Play Book

Editor’s Note: With Lisa away, we’re kicking off a week of guest stars. Up first is thoughts from everyone’s favorite usability guru, Kim Krause Berg of –Susan Since my High School never won a football game, it wasn’t until I went with a boyfriend to a big game between Lehigh and Lafayette Universities that […]

July 9, 2008

Bruce’s Guide to Appropriate Use of Flash

There has been a lot of controversy over our post about Flash not being the SEO solution that a great many people hoped. Our statements, along with many other intelligent voices, claim that Flash is not off the hook yet as a search engine-unfriendly technology. What I find amazing is that so many designers just […]

July 1, 2008

Don’t Build Your Web Site In Flash

I’d like you to do me a favor. Please disregard everything you may have read this morning on Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts’ blog and even on the Official Google Blog. Flash is still evil; please don’t use it to design your entire Web site. No, really. Don’t. I think it’s great that Adobe is […]

June 4, 2008

Diagnosing Web Site Architecture Issues

Back from lunch. Carrot cake is delicious and Vanessa Fox is now moderating the Developer’s track with speakers David Golightly (Zillow), Jonathan Hochman (Hochman Consultants) and Chris Silver Smith (Netconcepts). Vanessa says we’re going to talk through the kinds of things they look for when they’re going through sites and trying to locate issues. There […]

Search Friendly Development

Good morning, Friends. It’s time for Day 2 and I’m coming to you live from the brand new Developer Track. The Developer Track is awesome because it comes complete with a fancy waterfront view. I’d also mention the yummy bagel I’m eating but I think Michael VanDeMar is going to come and kick me if […]

May 6, 2008

eMetrics Keynote: Optimizing eBay – Improving Customer Experience at the World’s Marketplace

Happy Tuesday. Time for a morning keynote where everyone gets free coffee mugs and are then blinded by strobe stage lights. Yey! Jim Sterne welcomes Elissa Darnell and Deepak Nadig. I think. His voice is really distorted over the microphone. Elissa and Deepak are from the eBay. Up first is Deepak Nadig. He’s going to […]

March 24, 2008

Worst. Web Site. Ever.

Fact: The best way to ruin anything is to take away the simplicity and intuitiveness of something and complicate it with technology and/or stupidity. Seth Godin hit on this topic in his recent post about the world’s worst toaster. In case you didn’t know, the world’s worst toaster is the one that requires 10 steps […]

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