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November 18, 2010

SEO Update – October 2010

Welcome to our monthly SEO update for October 2010. This update highlights key news in the SEO industry during October 2010, key SEO related blog posts from our bloggers in the US and Australia, key articles covered in our global newsletter and key podcasts from our Webmaster radio show. 1. SEO News a) Google Places […]

SEO Hot Tub – 5th of November

Last week’s Bruce Clay SEO Hot Tub was a lengthy one, the hot topic of the day was the recent change to Google Local Search—we’ve already covered at length over on this post, Google Local – big changes, so check it out over there. Other highlights of the session were: Google Instant becomes available on […]

November 10, 2010

RockMelt, Blekko, Spindex: Will New Kids on the Block Survive?

RockMelt BCI Facebook

Is breaking into the biz of creating new search engines and Web browsers feasible when you have O.G.s like Google and Firefox still running the show? Maybe. But it really depends on the definition of success. If history has anything to say, it’s that dominating the mainstream isn’t easy, and concepts looking to do that might not succeed.

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October 14, 2010

Show Me the Money: SEMPO’s Newest Salary Survey, Out Now


Ever wonder what other professionals in the SEM space are making in relation to you? Looking for a good baseline salary because you’re applying for a job or looking to get into the industry? Wanna make sure your company or agency is offering competitive wages? These are all good reasons to promote and participate in the 2010 SEMPO salary survey.

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October 13, 2010

SEO Update – September 2010

It’s October already? In that case, it’s time again for the Bruce Clay monthly SEO update! Today’s rundown will focus on some key happenings in the SEO industry throughout September 2010, the must-read posts and articles from our bloggers in the U.S and Australia, and we’ll also touch on the most important podcasts released from […]

September 9, 2010

Google Instant SEARCH

After recent rumours, Google is today rolling out instant search. This means search results change as people type out their queries. Google dynamically displays results as you type and suggested or predictive search queries in the search bar, so you can hit enter at any time. You can also scroll through the dropdowns and see […]

June 16, 2010

June’s SEO Newsletter Hitting Presses Now — Your Sneak Preview

smx advanced seattle 2010 logo

I just got a peek at this month’s SEO Newsletter and I couldn’t help but try to land the scoop. This one’s got something for everyone — chunky tactics for implementing SEO in large organization environments; juicy results of research done by the Bruce Clay Australia team; and just the meatiest bits of SMX Advanced Seattle coverage. Though as LeVar Burton would say, you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out some snippets I swiped below, or subscribe to the SEO Newsletter (just over yonder in the blog sidebar) to get the full package delivered to you first thing tomorrow.

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June 10, 2010

Risks and Rewards of Handing Over Your Blog

typing on laptop computer

SMX Advanced Seattle is arguably one of the top sources of search engine announcements and cutting-edge tactics. So when Susan was suddenly left to liveblog the conference without a number two as originally planned, she went MacGyver on us. The woman put together an impromptu blogger troop of experienced Internet marketers willing to tax their fingers and attention spans for the cause.

Alan Bleiweiss, Dana Lookadoo, and Gil Reich pumped up the liveblog posts with their personalities, astute observations and comprehensive session coverage. They did this with no guidelines, no training and no compensation (other than my eternal gratitude and a healthy bio on the post). However, there’s potential for stress anytime you lend your brand to a guest.

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June 3, 2010

Internet Marketing Contest: Lessons We Learned

here for the learning revolution poster

Alternate title: How to Do It Better Next Time

This week we opened up voting for the Small Biz Discovery Contest and we thought it was a good time to talk about mistakes we may have made in holding this contest and places we plan to improve in the future.

In the past we’ve held contests that asked people to donate SEO services to charity organizations, but in the final analysis, those contests may have had too many requirements and been too complicated to gain any significant level of participation. Major props to those who waded through the complicated rules and came out on the other side with really great projects that helped deserving non-profit organizations. We realize that these participants went above and beyond, and we couldn’t expect anyone else to do as much in the future.

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June 2, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite SMB Online Marketing Advice

I voted sticker

Voting is now open for the Small Biz Discovery Contest!

In the end, we received four entries to the SEO category and two entries for the social media marketing category. We really hope that you take a moment to check out the articles and vote for your favorite in each category. Plus, if you vote you can enter a drawing for a seat in our SEO Training.

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