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November 17, 2010

Google’s One Giant PPC Ad Wrapped in a Bow

Boutiques Style Quiz 2

Google’s strange new fashion site launched in beta today at prime time before the holidays. For merchants, the concept is similar to pay-per-click ads, with retailers paying when a user clicks through from to their websites. For users (ahem, women users for the time being), it’s a personalized online store aiming to bring targeted clothing, accessories and inspirations for outfits based on your personal style. But what does it mean for search?

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July 20, 2010

Marketing Strategy: Dont Forget Search – BlueGlass LA

BlueGlass LA search panel

Let’s just jump right into the next section, shall we? We’re talking about building your marketing strategy with Melanie Mitchell, SVP/Search Marketing Strategy at Digitas, David Szetela, CEO, Clix Marketing, and Dave Roth, Director of Search Marketing at Yahoo.

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June 9, 2010

Internet Marketing Business Track: Demystifying Online Attribution


This is going to be a great session because not only do I get to liveblog, but I went to the restroom BEFORE the session this time – live and learn right?

No – seriously I’m looking forward to this session because I’ve recently been heavily involved in consulting for an agency client on the issues site owners face in proper online attribution. So I’m hoping that not only will I be able to provide a quality liveblog record of the session, but that I might even learn a thing or two along the way myself.

Internet Marketing Business Track: Demystifying Online Attribution.

June 8, 2010

Pay Per Click Track: Pump Up Those Conversions!

Conversions panel

Welcome back from lunch, good people. As always, SMX laid out a great spread with food fit for kings and… okay, you got me. I totally just ate popcorn. And I’m going to get more tomorrow. And possibly between sessions. But enough about my butter and salt addiction, we’ve got conversions to talk about.

The speakers are:
Scott Brinker, President & CTO, ion interactive, inc. (@chiefmartec)
Christine Churchill, President, (@keyrelevance)
Vic Drabicky, Director of International and Vertical Market Development, Range Online Media (@vicdrabicky)
Scott Miller, CEO, (@optimizeit)

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March 4, 2010

Measuring How Search Ads Drive Offline Conversions

slide offline and search 1

The room is pretty sparse because Ask the Search Engines is happening in the large hall. I know there’s great coverage of that happening so I decided to give readers an alternative with the Analytics & Conversion Track.

Moderator: Misty Locke, President, Range Online Media & Chief Strategy Officer, iProspect, Range Online Media / iProspect


Nadir Hussain, COO, Media Flint, Inc.
Leigh McMillan, SVP, Marchex Voicestar, Marchex
Wister Walcott, co-founder and VP of Products, Marin Software
Vivian Yang, Senior Manager, Global Direct to Consumer Marketing, Electronic Arts, Inc.

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March 3, 2010

Facebook Ad Tactics For Search Marketers


Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land
Brian Boland, Manager, Direct Response Solutions, Facebook
Addie Conner, Director of Search Marketing, Course Advisor Inc.
Michael Kahn, SVP, Marketing, Performics
Will Scott, President, Search Influence

Facebook’s Brian is starting the session. He’s going to give an overview of how Facebook ads work. About half the audience is using Facebook ads now.

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March 2, 2010

Supercharging Your Descriptions With Sitelinks

Sitelinks session: Ariel Sumeruk, Jerry Dischler, Vanessa Fox

Sitelinks in Google search are handy, shiny and new. But what can they do for you? For the answer, you’ve come to the right place.

Jerry Dischler, Senior Product Manager, Google Inc.
Vanessa Fox, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land
Ariel Sumeruk, Head Business Intelligence, Clicks2Customers

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Not Your Father’s AdWords: The New Google Ad Formats

Moderator Matt Van Wagner, president of Find Me Faster, introduces the panel who will focus on new ad formats in search.

Nicholas Fox, Business Product Management Director, AdWords, Google Inc.
Cory Nielsen, Performance Marketing Evangelist, Mercent Corporation
David Szetela, Owner and CEO, Clix Marketing

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November 30, 2009

Brand bidding strategies in search engine marketing


It is obvious the importance of SEO and PPC advertising strategies to brand marketers, however to what extent should these strategies be implemented together for branding queries? It is quite usual to find corporations bidding on brand terms while at the same time running a PPC campaign, mainly because brand terms usually drive quite a […]

November 12, 2009

The PPC Hierarchy of Needs

pay per click hierarchy of needs

Success in pay per click search advertising requires a mind that’s methodical and adaptive, empirical and intuitive, structured and creative. And that’s not all. For an established campaign, many tasks of PPC marketing are done continuously and sometimes even simultaneously.

It would be easy for a PPC professional to become dizzy just thinking of all the tasks and requirements of the job. But the overwhelming responsibilities can be managed when considered in their proper order. Some tasks of a project will be more effective and efficient when other tasks have been accomplished beforehand — a PPC hierarchy of needs, if you will.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a popular diagram that illustrates this concept as it applies to human psychology. This diagram has done much to raise awareness and to bring theoretical order to the complex system of psychological motivators.

In the same way, this PPC hierarchy of needs diagrams and orders the multifaceted requirements of search engine advertising. Like Maslow’s Hierarchy, the PPC hierarchy of needs diagram is a pyramid where needs at the top of the pyramid can’t be fulfilled until needs below it are met. Read more.

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