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October 31, 2008

Friday Recap: Misfits and Mayhem Edition

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Happy Halloween! How awesome is it that Halloween is on a Friday this year? Not that it would make a difference here at the BCI offices. When we do Halloween, we go big:

Check out everyone’s close-up, too. I have to say I’m especially proud of the writers’ choice to go as everyone’s favorite mischievous ’80s cartoon rock band!

This family also has some great costumes going on. They’re not costumes? Huh.

If you’re looking for a new decoration to scare the candy right out of those trick-or-treaters’ bags, this mechanical spider head should do the trick.

Looking beyond Halloween, there’s another special day just around the corner: Election Day! After you make your trip to the polls, reward yourself for doing your super civic duty with free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. Very sweet. [For maximum karma, get Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. Patriotism is yumyum score. –Susan]

As part of my good deed to humankind for the day, or at least puppy lovers the world over, I need to pass along this box full of joy. It has brought hours of entertainment to the BC writers this week. Not while at work, of course. We wouldn’t think of it.

Did you know that bees can count? Okay, only up to four, but that’s four more than I expected.

To offset that totally NOT-search-related find, here are the quirky search marketing stories I ran across this week. First off, Google’s founders bought a fighter jet — a Dornier Alpha Jet to be precise. On last night’s Daily Search Cast, Danny Sullivan closed the show with this zinger, to which Jim Hedger wittily commented, “It’s the only thing Google’s got that’s not in beta.” Ba-dum-tsha!

Google Earth is now available on your iPhone. Props for taking full advantage of a touch screen interface.

We all knew Twitter was a potent tool, but as with any source of power, it can be a weapon in the wrong hands. If you notice any suspicious behavior, you are encouraged to notify the Department of Conspiracy Theories. [No, reporting your fellow SEOs is not encouraged. –Susan]

Social media, the darling of Digital marketing, may have hit a snag. At least, that’s the case according to one journalist, who coins the term “Long Tail of Friendship” to describe that extensive network of people you sorta-almost know. This could be because there are now more people than ever taking part in social networks and technologies.

In an example of what not to do with your Web site, MTV rolled out an awesome video library site this week, and then proceeded not to tell anyone about it. Now that the secret’s out, let’s all enjoy some spooky tunes, shall we? Did I mention that this week Los Angelenos helped to break the world record for the most people dancing the Thriller dance at one time? I’ll try to control this overwhelming pride I have for my home town. :D

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  1. The days of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind could be here sooner than we thought.
  2. Wars lead to zombies. And I thought war was scary enough.
  3. There’s no substitute for a real haunted house.
  4. Even your
    can join in on the Halloween fun!
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