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February 20, 2009

Friday Recap 02/20/2009

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What a week! I had a paradigm shifting revelation. Fabio was booted from competition. The battle to become the ultimate iPhone fart app went into high gear. It’s been deep.

As usual, I’ve collected way too many stories that I found interesting during my ramblings on the Web this week. So let me try to distill this recap down to the juicy bits.

Facebook caused a hullabaloo when they changed their terms of service. After adjusting its TOS to indicate Facebook owned users’ content even after the termination of an account, the social networking site rescinded the new terms and reinstated the old ones.

There was also a heated exchange on the newly launched Outspoken Media blog that helped readers remember the importance of comment mediation and how to gracefully accept opposing opinions.

Another recent debut, Mobile Presence premiered this Wednesday on The weekly show hosted by Cindy Krum, Kim Dushinski and Jordan Kasteler is all about mobile marketing and technologies and will air Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

This week we also welcomed social media maven Brent Csutoras‘s new little one. A. Dor. A. Ble. Congratulations on your bundle of love, Brent!

Lisa’s giving away some love over at SEOmoz. After winning a year’s membership for a pro account, the comment contest is on to let her know how you’d put the subscription to good use. The party ends next Wednesday, so hop to it!

Looking for more free stuff? IM Broadcast’s IM Spring Break give away ends today. A free ticket to the show will be awarded to the person who gets the most retweets about the conference by today’s deadline. If you’d like to win iTunes bucks (or just do yourself and the marketing community a favor), take the 2009 Inside Email Marketing Study.

Some new economic indicators emerged. Domain sales are up. Nice. The price of iPhone coasters is through the roof. Oh dear. Layoffs in the bacon industry? Ruh roh.

In the world of Google: the search engine says (some) hijacked listings are a thing of the past; AdWords changed its URL policy and began testing a SearchWiki feature; Michael Gray challenged Google’s presentation publication policy; and the lost land of Atlantis was found. Not.

The long-conjectured antitrust suit has been filed against the search behemoth. A map of the planet’s yucky emissions is now available. Google Maps isn’t responsible if they take a photo on your private road. Mahalo appears to have been gaming the PageRank algo. And the newest Android phone is slick.

Over at Yahoo, the search engine is pursuing the mobile search front with a beta Yahoo Mobile product for smart phones. I’m on the waiting list and just twiddling my thumbs in excitement! Yahoo ads are dressing up with images and videos. And Nathania Johnson composed a lesson of a letter to the confused woman suing Yahoo over results generated by a query of her name.

That was a mouthful. Although, it wasn’t nearly as impressive as a 224-word palindrome.

Time for a Twitter run down. A tweet-sweet widget was released this week. With all the spam accounts popping up, it’s nice to have a guide for how to spot a Twitter spammer. Did you know one in ten U.S. adults is on Twitter? This is why productivity are so important. Try out Lee Odden’s 12 Twitter aggregators that will make you smarter!

When it comes to social media, a survey has found that marketers think Twitter is better for business than Facebook. Whichever flavor you prefer, make sure you’re crafting that sticky content.

On the rumor mill, eyebrows were raised when local review site Yelp again appeared to reward advertisers with favorable results. And Digg’s auto-bury brigade was shown to exist, up until the social bookmarking site denied it.

Rounding out my sharable finds: Ann Smarty reminded us that the value of keyword density is limited; the Clix Marketing PPC Blog educates readers on black hat PPC tricks to protect against; co-creator Patrick Sexton explains why local SEO is important to non-local SEO; and a rally for easy reading and usable design captured my eye.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • Extinct bird rediscovered” — Yay! “Then eaten” — Wha?! My homeland’s done me wrong.
  • If you ever wanted to live in a cave without giving up creature comforts — I know, seems (oxy)moronic — your dream home is available.
  • Geese are vicious and unrelenting. I had no idea.
  • I’d like someone to make me a floating bubble machine. Please.
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