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January 5, 2007

Friday Recap: The Lisa Edition

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In the spirit of Diddy and the new year, I’ve decided I’m going to adopt a name change. From here on out I’d like to be called “the Lisa”. Fun, right? Props to Nathan for giving me the idea.

Moving on, I’m still finding results from that Five Things meme that are sending me into giggle fits. For example, Ward Tongen was brave enough to reveal that he thinks puppy feet smell like Fritos. It’s hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Of course since Scoble is the killjoy of all things fun, he wants the Five Things meme and others like it to die a horrible death. I don’t share his sentiment (on virtually anything) but I did enjoy his link to Hugh Macleod’s Five Things post. It’s awesome in that it reads how I imagine Susan’s would have had she been social enough to write one. [Once I stop laughing, I’m going to be offended. Or not because it’s never bad to be more like Hugh. –Susan]

Over at Inside Microsoft, Nathan collected some awesome Microsoft comics. This one from Penny Arcade is my favorite. Heh.

It’s funny because it’s true. No one is interested in the Zune, as evident by Costco using Zune boxes to make a table to sell Apple’s iPod. See, now me and the guy who came up with that would totally get along. Pure genius!

The Washington Post announced that Internet Explorer was unsafe for 284 days in 2006. That’s kinda bad considering the other 81 days it wasn’t being used at all.

Guy Kawasaki penned Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, which was most helpful considering I’ve received a bunch of invites since returning from Chicago. You tell me: Is it worth it? Do I really need another social profile? How many places should I allow Graywolf and Chris Hooley to stalk me?

Speaking of Michael Gray, he created his own South Park figure and it might just give me nightmares. I think it’s the eyes. Or the ominous light saber.

Wired compiled a list of the Best Blogfights of 2006 because, as they say, if bloggers know how to do one thing really well, it’s fight. Hell yeah! I’m partial to the Amanda Congdon/Andrew Baron showdown. Likely because it went down during the five minutes where Rocketboom was actually enjoyable. Then it went British. It’s okay; I have my Ze.

I’d like to point out that I was totally right on my assertion that Santa Claus prefers Sugar Cookies. SoloSEO conducted a rematch and confirmed what I already knew in my heart. Please don’t ever doubt me again. [Lisa knows sugar cookies are the best because I made some for her and my mother’s recipe is the best one ever. –Susan] That’s our Susan, making everything about her.

Good Morning Silicon Valley links off to a fascinatingly disturbing video of a Furby’s demise. I can’t say that damn Furby didn’t have it coming but watching his head catch on fire like that…I’m speechless. It’s just so beautiful.

Also ranking high on my disturb-o-meter, BoingBoing reports that “Noelle”, a robot in South Korea, gave birth to a baby robot. Right. Now that robots are having babies it won’t be long before they start multiplying like rabbits and take over the world. I may not have seen Neverending Story, but I did see I, Robot. I know how this all ends.

Also from Good Morning Silicon Valley, a worrisome quote about people dressing up their Roombas in cute outfits. Holy hell. These people need cats.

The Google Operating System blog says that Vanity Searches Can Help You Find Old Friends, highlighting a site where people who eat peanut butter out of the jar with their finger can create a page filled with the names of old friends in the hopes these friends will find it while conducting vanity searches. What do you think? I think the peanut butter people need to make friends with the Roomba people.

Susan says I’m not supposed to use the blog to beg for things I want, and I would never ever do that, but look at Ze duckie! And tiny aquariums for tiny fish! Hee!

We’ll end this one by saying congrats to Barry Schwartz and Yisha who leave for their honeymoon on Sunday. We’ll miss Barry while he’s gone, but if that Yisha’s smart she’ll lock him in a closet and keep him for herself. Okay, perhaps not a closet.

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9 responses to “Friday Recap: The Lisa Edition”

  1. handsome rob writes:

    That’s amazing. People in the office have been referring to me as “the Rob” for two years now. I also refer to myself as “the Rob”. My therapist worries.

  2. graywolf writes:

    Stalker eh, let’s just say I’m honing my mad SEO research skillz ;-)

  3. Lisa writes:

    Call it what you will, Michael. I’ll just go ahead and keep that unmarked car sitting in front of my apartment. :)

  4. Simon Heseltine writes:

    Surely that Furby in the microwave was someone just wanting to re-enact their favorite scene from Gremlins? (although there was more of a splatter in the original) ;)

  5. ★ ★ Search Engines WEB ★ ★ writes:

    It is NOT just Vanity Searches that are bringing old friends together – DIGG, YOUTUBE and FLICKR are! :-D

    If you and your Geek friends are in the Creative Arts or Tech fields, you can search & locate many others from your past – provided they use their Real Names or hometowns on their profile pages in these Social sites or resume sites.

  6. Nathan Weinberg writes:

    Damn, my typo becomes a new nickname for “the Lisa”. I’m embarassed, but I like it enough to claim it was a brilliant idea.

  7. Chris Hooley writes:

    Are you trying to say tracking your profiles down and adding you to my friend lists and driving by your house 5 times a day every day makes me a stalker? Sheesh. That’s it, I am burning my Lisa Barone doll that I made out of human hair and taking down my “the Lisa” shrine.

  8. Lisa writes:

    Chris — Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

    Wait, are you telling me it took you until Wednesday to read the Bruce Clay Friday Recap? I thought we were buddies? :(

  9. Chris Hooley writes:

    Unfortunately it did take like 4 days this time. I have been in San Diego for a few days and thangs was crazy.

    Next time I will flock to the famed recap SAME DAY… meaning today. Why isn’t it posted yet? Why isn’t it posted yet? Why isn’t it posted yet?

    Life just isn’t the same anymore… I miss my shrine.

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