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May 4, 2007

Friday Recap: Emails Gone Wild Edition

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Susan’s not here today and I’ll be honest, our office is kind of lonely without her. There’s no one to make fun of, no one to talk to, and no one to tell me how pretty I am. It’s just me and my Hubba Bubba Rooster. And he can’t talk.

Susan did send me this:

I think she’s having a Kim Krause moment, getting all deep and contemplative on me. It was appreciated though. Sometimes you get so caught up in your own troubles you forget that there are other people out there who are more like you than they are different. And just maybe you’re not as alone as you thought you were. Just a thought.


I found out I’m dying. That kinda sucked. It seems the new car smell that we all love can actually kill you. Even more awesome, on the list of the worst offenders, my little Chevy Aveo was ranked 2nd. Second out of every car currently on the market. I’ll be dead by Monday.

I’m handling it well though. I’ve already decided that I want my last meal to be a keyboard-shaped waffle. I was going to say a giant plate of French fries, but then I saw this.

The Blog Herald asked if my self worth is wrapped up in my blog. Yes, it is, okay, and I really wish you’d stop trying to make me feel guilty about it. Sigh.

Fred Vogelstein posted the now infamous email conversation he had with Jason “I’m Better Than You” Calacanis. Despite being repeatedly hit over the head with it, Jason’s level of arrogance continues to amaze me. You’ll find another example of typical Jason Calacanis behavior over at Graywolf’s house.

Speaking of email, Stoney deGeyter had me laughing with his Emails Gone Wild: UNCENSORED post. There’s nothing more amusing than hate mail.

Over at Inside Google, Nathan Weinberg writes about Google’s Bring Your Daughter/Son To Work Day and suggests it be changed to Bring Your Teenager To Work Day. Why? Because little kids are loud (and always sticky). Teenagers are quiet and surly. Newlywed Nathan is going to be such a great dad. ;)

Did you know that Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston once “starred” in the worst Microsoft ads ever created. Yikes, and that’s saying something.

Neil Patel had a sweet post entitled Why I Love The SEO Community – J. Schoemaker that he wrote after receiving a care package from Mrs. Shoemoney. It’s kind of adorable. But not as adorable as baby Shoemoney. Baby cheeks!

If you want to permanently scar your children and make them fear the world is full of pedophiles, these creepy ass PSA’s on online safety should do the trick. So much creepy.

Just as an FYI, I’m moving to Canada and living here. You can Mario jump the entire complex. Sweet!

Proof that no one was actually reading all those papers you had to write in high school.

Here’s a list of 9 things you can learn about the world from anonymous stock photos. The one-handed, one-knee laptop maneuver kills me. Those people must not have pets. Or children. Or live in a world where gravity exists.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing this week:

  • If this guy’s pants are worth $67 million, then my favorite pair of jeans, the ones I’ve worn so often they have holes in both knees, must be worth at least $90 million. I could rent a 2 bedroom apartment in California for an entire year with that kind of money!
  • The show may have been a tad cheesy, but the prop guys were wicked awesome.
  • The only use I had for the male species has now been removed. Huzzah!


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One response to “Friday Recap: Emails Gone Wild Edition”

  1. Jason writes:

    Oh please… you’re just upset that I’ve pointed out what a waste of time and money SEO is. I don’t think I’m better than folks and I’m not arrogant–I’m just honest.

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