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June 29, 2007

Friday Recap – Batman Edition

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Hey. It’s Friday. It’s also SEO Newsletter day. Yesterday was my birthday. Okay, let’s move on.

First off, I’d like you to meet my new friend. Her name is Katia and she has two feets. She likes to hold them when she sleeps. Er, this wasn’t supposed to be a poem. Anyway, check out her video to see some amazing sleeping baby feets holding action. It’ll make you “aw” all day.

While we’re talking about videos, this video of a parasite that creeps into ants, kills them and then grows out their dead body in order to launch an attack on the entire ant colony is mesmerizing. It made Susan do really unattractive things with her face.

Speaking of Susan, PinkPrankProject gave me some excellent ideas about how to “fix” her side of the office once she goes out of town next month. Say bye bye to the creepy little action figures, Susan! [You’re just jealous that I have Batman and you don’t. –Susan]

Matt McGee shared a sweet tale about how the proper use of keywords in a Title tag can help make two old married people feel like Rand Fishkin and Mystery Guest all over again. See, we told you keywords were important.

If that didn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, the BBC reported on a cat that returned home after being missing for 10 years. Drat, guess it’s time for the owner to move again.

Here’s a chart that’s supposed to help you decipher what your girlfriend is feeling, but all it tells me is this girl has about 5 unique expressions and none of them are cute. If this is your girlfriend, dump her. [Actually, contempt is pretty much the way you look all the time. I have pictures. –Susan] Don’t make me kill you.

Dating related, my buddy Simon Heseltine was surprised to learn that because he’s an SEO, has already decided he is a lonely loser in need of singles group. Way to go, MeetUp.

PC World issued the 20 Worst Windows Features of All Time. It’s amusing but I was still left disappointed. I didn’t notice the PC World attribution when I found the link via Reddit so I thought I was about to see really fun window dressings and lots of bad curtains and cat perches. Oh well, making fun of Windows is fun too.

More proof that you should think twice before posting those embarrassing conference photos on Facebook: Apparently they may end up in your HS yearbook. Okay, maybe not your yearbook since we’re all out of high school (except Neil.), but maybe elsewhere, like on one of Michael Gray’s SES San Jose slides.

Excitingly, a new breakup line was coined this week. You may now replace the tired “it’s not you, it’s me” line with “it’s just that you’re MySpace and I’m Facebook“.

I’m including this solely for Susan’s benefit, but here’s a list of the worst superhero costumes of all time. What, may I ask, qualifies as a “good” superhero costume? Isn’t it all just spandex and face masks? [Two steps forward, one step back. –Susan]

Germany became my favorite country this week when it banned Tom Cruise. Wait – you can ban people from countries? Who do you think you have to talk to about that? [I can fire you from out of the country just as easily. –Susan] See, I wasn’t even referring to you, but now that you mention it…

Geeksugar paid tribute to the infamous kid-freaking-out Nintendo 64 video by recreating it for the Apple iPhone. Like most remakes, the original is way better than the remake.

What’s cooler than a glass toaster? Hmm, probably actually having any toaster. Who wants to buy Lisa a toaster?

And just for kicks, pretty sweet mullet, eh? Oh, yeah.

Things I Learned from Boing Boing this week:

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5 responses to “Friday Recap – Batman Edition”

  1. Rebecca Kelley writes:

    That fungus video was disgusting.

    And you’re missing a link to the “prop blood geysers.” You’re slipping, Barone.

  2. Lisa writes:

    There, it’s fixed. Now go away, Rebecca.

  3. Neil Patel writes:

    I am in college… or at least I think I am.

  4. Lisa writes:

    Yeah, whatever, Neil. You’re not foolin’ anyone. :)

  5. Don S writes:

    Lame looking bike? Remember the Nordic Track? The cross-country skis for indoors? Those were pretty cool . . . now, you just gotta wipe the dust off every few days.

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