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March 7, 2008

Friday Recap 03/07/2008

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Hi, people. After a roller coaster week, it’s finally Friday. And there are donuts (but no egg sacrifices) to enjoy. I suppose that means things are looking up. Thank God.

The BC writing team moved down the hall this week. Moving was scary, especially when I picked up my laptop stand and found this. It was okay, nothing a gallon of disinfectant and some handy work with a letter opener can’t fix. Moving also means we now share a wall with Bruce. No more loud girly music and popcorn fights. Seriously, Bruce, it’s distracting.

Andrew Goodman says he’s concerned for my wellbeing after my somewhat emotional goodbye to Ask post on Tuesday. Fear not, Andrew. Unlike Ask, The Lisa shall go on. It is Ask has lost its mind, not me. I just lost a company I respected.

It looks like Danny Sullivan is in danger of being deleted by the Wikipedia. Or his entry is, at least. I’m pretty sure Danny will come out unscathed.

Barry Schwartz blogged about his experience with Virtual Anna during last week’s SMX West show. We, too, met Anna. She helped the Bruce Clay staff locate a delicious place for dinner (mine was especially yummy) and totally freaked me out when directions suddenly appeared in the printer across from us. It was like magic.

CommonCraft created a great Twitter in Plain English video that succinctly illustrates all that Twitter has to offer. Nice job there.

Microsoft released a news aggregator that, due to their color choice, reminds people of a day at the beach. Rocket pops are delicious. And they turn your face blue!

If you’re a fan of hiding from your friends while online, Gmail Chat will now let you appear as invisible even if you’re really not. Stealthy! [Now I might actually use it! –Susan]

Dave Rohrer shared the diary of a demented snow shoveler and I giggled the whole way through. I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of snow. Did I mention it’s currently a lovely 75 degrees out here? Mmm, SoCal.
Blog Herald asks how young is too young to blog? I say around age 9. Any younger than that and you really shouldn’t be drinking all that coffee.

Meanwhile, Chris Hooley came up with 7 Healthy Activities for Dads and Daughters and the ladies of the BC writing department aw’d and swooned through the whole thing. [I liked #8 the best. –Susan]

I’m not sure why but Jeremy Zawodny decided to give us a hearty chicken tortilla soup crock pot recipe. Along the same lines, Nathania Johnson produced an awesome list of 158 Fast Food Meals for 500 Calories or Less. I shall print out that list and staple it to my forehead.

Chris Garrett conducted an interview with mouthy Rae Hoffman and did it via Twitter Direct Message. What that means is that in order to read the interview, you have to actually look at Rae for 2-3 minutes. Hmm, pass. [ducks]

Steve Peron cemented his nerd status with some sweet SEO-inspired license plates. Nice, dude. [I am so jealous. –Susan]

Joe the Peacock illustrates why going to the post office is hated by so many. For serious. You know there’s one guy up at the counter. And he’s a week shy of his 18th birthday.

This isn’t SEO-related but it’s too…mesmerizing not to include. It’s a giant spider killing a lizard. Like, a big lizard.

The Consumerist gives us our weekly dose of "omg!" telling us pills were found inside Gorton’s frozen fish filets, a man beat his wife when gas prices rose, and the even more startling news that Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash gives your teeth brown spots. Say it with me now, — Oh. My. God!

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap 03/07/2008”

  1. steve peron writes:

    Lisa… yea I know Im a dork … but i love my new plates!

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