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June 20, 2008

Friday Recap: Nerding Out Edition

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Happy Friday, everyone. Any fun weekend plans? I think I’m going to camp out in the office this weekend. It’s too hot outside to leave. I fear I may melt. I wonder if I can get coffee and ice cream delivered here? Hmm…

In honor of the Boston Celtics and their complete shaming of the pitiful LA Lakers, I give you this:

Anything is possible, my friends. Anything. Boston is the greatest sports city in the world. [Why is he rocking like that? He’s giving me motion-sickness. –Susan] Seriously. Shut up. The man is a warrior and just brought another championship back to Boston. I’ll kill you.

It’s also home to some of the most debauchery-filled bloggers, or at least that’s what Boston’s The Phoenix would lead you to believe. They compare “real” journalists with bloggers. They’re thoughts are pretty much summed up by this photo:

Actually, that’s probably pretty accurate. Go Boston!

Vanity Fair created its own visual of what the blogosphere looks like with their blogopticon. Notice how Jason Calacanis managed to sneak into frame there.

A universal edit button has been created to alert people when they’ve stumbled upon a wiki. Is this really necessary? The only people who edit wiki’s are nerds. And nerds never need to be notified of a nerding out opportunity. [We can smell them; it’s almost like a 6th sense. –Susan]

Chris Hooley is taking category suggestions for the SEO Superlatives. Maybe if we participate and encourage him, Hooley will continue to remember that he has a blog and that sometimes these things called “posts” can go there. The blogosphere called while you were away, Chris, it said it missed you. Stay.

Tamar Weinberg posted a great public message to Universal Music Group after they took down Weezer’s viral Pork & Beans video. I typically hate these kinds of videos, but Tamar was born to be a social media activist. Her passion really comes through and sells it. Hopefully Universal will hear her plea. Awesome job by Tamar on this one.

Google Blogoscoped introduced me to Totlol, a YouTube for toddlers aka daycare for the digital age.

The newly engaged Loren Baker (congrats, Loren!) got himself all worked up when Google invaded his private property and sent their spy cars into this private community to film it. Loren’s pretty hardcore about taking them to task. Check it out.

I’d be mad too though, I guess. You don’t want kids getting an up close and personal view of your home. You may find them swimming and vomiting in your pool later. Gross.

PingPongPie asked who does Matt Cutts follow on Twitter and then created a list with the answers. It’s interesting in that I was able to find some familiar faces that I didn’t know had Twitter accounts. I can proudly say that, yes, Matt Cutts does follow me on Twitter. I’m sure he completely enjoys hearing about my life dilemmas and ranting. Sorry about that, Matt.

Lifehacker gives us a cheat sheet for power naps. Mmm, naps.

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Build your own rollercoaster. All you need is some scrap metal and a hammer. No engineering experience necessary.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

Oh, and buck up Yahoo, things aren’t so bad.

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Nerding Out Edition”

  1. Matt Cutts writes:

    Lisa, I enjoy reading your twitters. :)

  2. John Abbe writes:

    The Universal Edit Button’s good for any site that can be edited, not just those nerdy wikis ;-). For example, there’s already a WordPress plug-in for it:

  3. John Abbe writes:

    Oh, and whoohoo Celtics!

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