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May 15, 2009

Friday Recap: A Buggy Edition

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Friday’s made its way back around and not a day too soon! After a big search week, everyone deserves a break — in the form of a refreshing Friday Recap. Let’s do it.

Grasshopper buzz was in full force as people across the country received the chocolate-covered buggers as part of a marketing campaign. The virtual office service provider,, expected to get some word of mouth flowing through their creative blogger outreach. I’m always one to oblige — especially if you’re clever and give me things.

So here’s the one green sucker out of the five chocolate grasshoppers we received:

And here’s Katie after eating one. We decided it tastes like Kit Kat with a woodsy aftertaste, hence the puzzled look:

Katie, James and I were the only ones with the guts to eat one so props to us! There are more pics on the Bruce Clay, Inc. flickr stream for your gagging pleasure. [I helped by taking the pictures. –Susan]

Google got a little buggy yesterday when a traffic jam caused two hours of down time for the search engine. A glitch caused U.S. search traffic to be routed through Asia, resulting in slow services and interruptions. Of course, pictures speak louder than words, so what’s a Google traffic jam look like?

the great google lapse on Wired

Twitter users’ security may have been compromised with a seemingly innocent game. Earlier this week I noticed an eyebrow-raising trending topic on the micromessaging site. Turns out it may have been a ploy to make you reveal personal info. Keep mama’s maiden name close to the belt, folks.

Now, Mother’s Day was a couple weeks ago, but considering the power that moms wield, it’s not a bad idea to keep her happy all year long. A recent survey showed that moms control 85 percent of household spending and more than ever are working at home thanks to the Internet. Almost 20 percent of the online population is a mother between 25 and 54 with a child under 18. More stats on how the mom pie breaks down can be found on MediaPost.

cat on computer
What we imagine Lisa’s life is like. –Susan

Next time someone walks in to discover the writers cruising Cute Overload or I Can Has Cheezburger, we can point to a study that suggests looking at highly adorable pictures improves performance. Suspicions verified! The study was done using a group of women who were asked to play Operation after looking at kittens and puppies. How do you get that gig?

Other big news coming out of Google this week was about a change to the AdWords ad text trademark policy. Previously, Google prohibited the use of trademarks within ad copy. Now, retailers that sell brands and impartial review sites that evaluate brands can use brand-related trademarks within their U.S. ads.

Debra Mastaler, link builder extraordinaire, compiled a list of handy discounts for search marketers. The list includes discounts for directory submissions, conference registration, news services, link building services, SEO and research tools, and training.

And May’s SEO Newsletter just hit mailboxes. Check it out for a roundup of headlines during the last month. There’s also an article about XML Sitemaps for news, mobile, code, video and geographic content and one on how to write a strong call to action.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: A Buggy Edition”

  1. Chris Chong writes:

    Playing Operation after looking at kittens? lol. That’s wierd. However, Icanhascheeseburger is a site I really like. the pics are soo funny!

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