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May 7, 2010

Friday Recap: Orange-Creamsicle Sunset Edition

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Man, it’s a beautiful Friday. Sun’s shining in clear skies with a slight breeze that’s got the leaves dancing. It’d be a nice day to play hooky. But instead I’ll play blogger and leave the ditching to Ferris Bueller. No really. Ferris is somewhere in Chicago, breaking into a fierce lip sync mid-parade right now — and he’s tweeting about it.

I’d totally trade places with Ferris right now. rated the 100 most fun U.S. cities, and Chicago placed second. New York placed first and my lovely locale, L.A., is sitting pretty at number five. Did your city make the list?

It didn’t? Have you ever thought of leaving? People of the Facebook community certainly have. There’s a bit of an exodus happening on the social network these days, in response to privacy policy changes and private data leaks galore. For a quick way to find out just what part of your Facebook info is public knowledge, use this handy tool to see what Facebook is sharing about you. Careful. The results may turn you a sickly shade of green.

Or maybe chartreuse? Or puke? No, not the substance, the color. A color survey over at XKCD discovered that people absolutely consider “puke” and “vomit” colors. And what about the theory that ladies use more specific color shades (cornflower, ultramarine, cerulean) while gents stick with the higher color categories (it’s called blue)? False. Women and men call most colors the exact same thing. Except, of course, if they’re color blind. Other funny findings await in the color survey results.

orange volcano cloud
Orange-creamsicle colored BOOM!

Speaking of blue, I’d be rather sad if we were all dead right now. Luckily we have some people to thank for that not being the case. But the likelihood that you’ve ever heard of these people is pretty low. In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, and entertaining people in the process, Cracked gives us six people you’ve never heard of who probably saved your life. [Two MILLION babies! —Susan]

On the other side of the spectrum, there are things that are killing us without us even realizing. At the top of the list are your office chair and your cubicle. Then again, maybe you did have your suspicions…

Some early signs suggest that the iPad has already started killing netbooks. Netbooks have experienced skyrocketing growth the last few years, but ever since the iPad rumors started swirling, netbook sales have taken a nose dive. [Arstechnica disagrees with that conclusion. Also, you’ll get my netbook when you pry it from my cold, dead hands, Jobs. —Susan]

I bet netbook manufacturers are wishing my nose analogy was about Pinocchio’s legendary honker, because then they’d be growing rather than crashing. You remember Pinocchio, the wooden boy who lied a lot? Ever wanted to improve your ability to lie? Psychology Today brings us the top 10 secrets of effective liars, and if nothing else, it’s good to know what to look out for.

Like that big whale Monstro that swallows up Pinocchio’s pop in the Disney movie. Disney, always innovators, has dreamed up a bit of technological magic for the new talking Mickey. On its own, that’s mighty cool. That we can learn a branding lesson or two from talking Mickey is even cooler.

Here’s another fun analogy made this week from seemingly unrelated topics. If your company was a football club (football in either the American or rest-of-the-world sense) which would they be? Fresh Egg marketing makes the comparison between football (as in soccer) teams and SEM companies and as the team goal tender, I can promise you we’ll play our hardest. Always do.

Have a great weekend and word to your mother.

No, seriously. Happy Mom’s Day, everyone!

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Orange-Creamsicle Sunset Edition”

  1. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    I can’t believe I missed that Ferris Bueller Tweet/4sq extravaganza!

    I’m pretty gutted now. Hopefully some of those other links might cheer me up.

  2. Christopher Ross writes:

    I appreciate anybody who can work in a Bueller reference :)

    Speaking of, the other day I read a ‘conspiracy theory’ site that claimed the entire movie was completely in Cameron’s head. Try watching it again, but this time assume Bueller is simply Cam’s alter ego.

  3. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Danke schoen, Christopher! That conspiracy theory sounds like the creation of someone who’s watched Fight Club a few too many times. ;)

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