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April 23, 2010

Friday Recap: Gold Star Edition

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Hooray for Friday! Very serious business to attend to. I need you to log-in to your MySpace account (I know it’s been a while, but you’ve got that password stored in your gray matter somewhere) and give a gold star to a talented young actress auditioning for Glee. Just check out those pipes! Katie Luke, don’t forget the little people when you become a big star on TV’s number one (only?) TV musical series! [Well, since Cop Rock and Viva Laughlin didn’t work out, it’s the only one, yeah. —Susan] (How on earth did a show about musical cops not work out? Shocking.)

When you’ve got the organized support of the SEM community behind you, you can achieve great things. I mean, look what happened when I sent out a couple tweets to my network that I’d submitted a name to ProspectMX’s open vote to name the Matt Cutts rocket! My name won! I may never know if people voted because I asked them to, or if they really liked the name, but I do know what happened when they launched Matt Cutts into space. You have to see it.

And also this. Just because I think you’ll like it.

This week Bruce attended ad:tech San Francisco to evangelize on behalf of SEO, which has traditionally been underrepresented at this digital marketing smorgasbord. The conference put together some of the highlights of Bruce’s ad:tech presentation on their blog. It’s interesting to see what takeaways wowed a general marketing crowd as many were introduced to SEO for the first time.

Meanwhile, those firmly rooted in the SEO, SEM and SMM fields usually have pretty voracious appetites for continuing their knowledge. Chances are, they read quite a few blogs when they can. If you want to support your favorite blogs, head to the Search & Social Awards, where they’re accepting votes for best blogs in categories ranging from SEO to analytics to social media and more. The BCI blog isn’t a nominee, but I sincerely appreciate the support you show every time you come by to read a post. (Uh oh! The warm fuzzies are coming — and I’m ticklish!)

blue jellyfish
CC BY 2.0 Not an immortal jellyfish, but a nifty one!

If after voting you’re still in the giving back mood, take a few minutes to complete the 2010 Industry Survey from SEOmoz. I see surveys like this one as a pretty painless way to give our community meaningful intelligence that we can all benefit from as we receive a greater understanding of the search landscape.

After all, everyone can use a little help. We’re only mortal. Unlike the immortal jellyfish! Oh yes, you read that right. There’s a species of jellyfish that doesn’t die of natural causes. While the rest of the world’s creatures have cells that morph from young to old and then die, the turritopsis nutricula has cells that go from young to old to young to old to young… over and over again! How crazy is that!

Here’s another story of transitions, but this one’s a little more traditional. It’s the story of a webmaster that, as time went on, got wiser in the process. Some education, dedication and hard work was required for a webmaster to take his site from PageRank 0 to PageRank 4 in four months. It’s a great lesson in reasonable expectations and the value of foundational SEO.

No, that webmaster didn’t explode off the charts, but blowing up isn’t always a good thing. Just look at what travelers in Europe are experiencing thanks to the volcano in Iceland. You know, that impossible to pronounce volcano, the Yig-fig-lool… or something. How do you say that word anyway? Anyone with a ukulele and a catchy diddy care to teach me? You don’t say…

Since f8, the Facebook developer conference, went down this week, there’s lots of news about the social network to report. The big announcement was Open Graph, a plan to connect all the Web’s networks. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “Yelp is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to small businesses. Pandora is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to music […] If we can take these separate maps of the graph and pull them all together, then we can create a Web that’s smarter, more social, more personalized, and more semantically aware.” [I’m not a fan of technology becoming “aware”. That way lies the rise of the machines against our tyranny. —Susan]

According to Facebook, one of the first steps in creating this Open Graph is to spread the Like button throughout the Web. I haven’t seen this myself, but TechCruch reports that if a webmaster is adding a Like button to their page, they’re given options for the color scheme. Their choices are dark, light and evil. I wasn’t aware that “evil” was a color scheme. But maybe this self-centered mission to rule the Web has got them seeing red evil.

Here’s the main reason I think Facebook has moved to the dark side. Facebook is justifying the fact that they’ve taken away privacy controls for users’ personal information, including current city, education and work and likes and interests, as part of the effort to create connections on the Web. Grrr…

We deserve a unicorn chaser after that one. Remember the Search Stories video creator we were introduced to last week? The fun folks at Sesame Street came up with a few of their own. C is for clever.

And that, my friends, is a wrap! Have a beautiful weekend!

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Gold Star Edition”

  1. Andy Kuiper - SEO writes:

    Interesting article – I liked the “4 bar” video :-) and appreciated the link to Electronic Frontier regarding FB’s privacy issues.
    Andy :-)

  2. Andy writes:

    That immortal jellyfish thing is amazing. Terrifying though, I mean, how can it be stopped? Is it impervious to our weapons?

    Can these things think?

  3. SEO Reseller writes:

    Privacy is a huge issue with the open graph. This is not the first time that Facebook had a privacy issue. Facebook Beacon has garnered a lot of scrutiny when it was launched and even came to a point where users are requesting the demise of Facebook. People wanted to burn Zuckerberg and his company at the stake because of beacon.

    On a much lighter note, thank you very much for the 4 chord video. That really made my day.

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