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March 20, 2009

Friday Recap: Happy Spring Edition

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It’s the Friday before SES New York and spring is in the air! Who’s excited? You don’t have to answer. That was rhetorical. I know you’re all excited.

The first thing to get worked up about is the IM Charity Party that’s going down Monday. Even if you’re not going to be in New York you can still make a charitable donation. IM Charity Parties have earned more than $100K so far for the sponsored charities. The search marketing community should definitely give itself a pat on the back (before reaching for its wallet).

As you may have noticed (take a peek at the last three entries on this blog) I’ve chatted with a few of next week’s speakers. You can find more pre-conference interviews at the Search Engine Strategies blog, and look out for the barrage of liveblog coverage coming at you beginning Tuesday.

Susan’s also lent me her handy Flip video cam so that I can record any impromptu performances of Where is Christopher? so practice your singing voice! I’m looking to add to the collection of remixes and interpretations that was started by BCI SEM analyst James Kim:

Snazzy editing, James! Also snazzy? Gmail has a new unsend feature! Hit undo within five seconds of pressing send and you’re safe from whatever email faux pas you made. (Who else is going to take a hint and offer undo functions?) Despite Yammer founder David Sacks calling social networks the “new email” at South by SouthWest this week, I still appreciate the measure of security that comes with email unsend.

Looking for a convenient way to get your green living news? Check out Ideal Bite. [My mom recommended this one for the recap. Hi, Mom! –Susan] Also going green is the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the first major American newspaper to abandon its paper edition and go exclusively to the Web.

iPhone OS 3.0  preview
iPhone OS 3.0 walkthrough by Engadget

The new iPhone OS 3.0 was previewed this week in Cupertino. Catch a walk through of the new software at Engadget. I, for one, am looking forward to copy and paste and picture messaging! [Congrats on catching up with BlackBerry there, Apple. –Susan] It also looks like iPhone apps are toying with the idea of ads.

Speaking of toys, ToysRUs made a boo boo after spending more than $5 million to purchase the domain [Talk about money down the drain. How many Bionicles can you get for $5.1 million? –Susan] Meanwhile, Safari’s mistakes were one hacker’s gain as a security researcher won $5,000 for cracking a Mac in 10 seconds at the PWN2OWN contest.

Another browser that’s swiftly working toward improvement is Google’s Chrome. This week Chrome introduced a faster new beta version. The browser can also support addons through Greasemetal. [Nerds everywhere rejoiced and Firefox shivered like someone walked over its grave. –Susan] IE8 was released this week as well. [What’s an IE? –Susan]

Twitter may be testing text advertising, and John Battelle says that despite analysts’ moaning, monetizing Twitter is entirely possible. Lyndon Antcliff recommends adopting karmic principles with Twitter. However, jurors tweeting legal judgments and job applicants insulting potential employers is not advised.

There’s a new Twitter directory on the scene called WeFollow. It’s also possible to send a direct message to users not following you. News flash: there actually are a few things more popular than Twitter.

“There be Monsters” by Erik Charlton
via Creative Commons

Some fancy projections show the real Google killer could be Facebook. But I’m pretty sure the only thing that could pose a threat to the search giant is a 50 foot sea monster. That beast would make anyone nervous.

At the SEOmozBlog, Tom Critchlow of Distilled showed how Google page-level penalties are on the rise. The SEO Theory blog attempted to foil a number of SEO myths. Marketing Pilgrim laid out the technology behind natural language processing. And Google’s AJAX SERPs popped up again only to get the smackdown.

Also feeling the pain are sites being blacklisted by an overzealous Australian Communications and Media Authority. Celebrating victory, however, is Coca Cola following a social media win. Just remember, there is no right and wrong when it comes to social media. Link exchanges are another story. Buyer beware!

In PPC news, a Clix Marketing test of Google Conversion Optimizer shows stellar results. But don’t forget to ask lots of questions when crafting your ad copy.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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5 responses to “Friday Recap: Happy Spring Edition”

  1. Catfish SEO writes:

    Great recap Vanessa. I will be speaking at SES for the first time on Tuesday at the “Meaningful SEO Metrics” session. I wanted to invite you to attend the session and get your feedback if you don’t already have a prior commitment. Thanks again for the excellent post.

  2. Eric H writes:

    I would hardly say the Seattle P-I is abandoning print to “go green”…they ran out of money and had to stop printing and cut most of their staff. A sad loss for the city.

  3. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Hey Eric. I was just trying to put a positive spin on their new position. But considering the loss, it may have been a stretch.

  4. Lisa Barone writes:

    [cough] It’s Virginia, Red Snapper, Virginia.

  5. Joost | writes:

    Great post… the links you provided keep me reading for a while!


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