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March 4, 2011

Friday Recap: Quality over Quantity Edition

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Hello, weekenders! Is it just me or did this week seem kinda crazy? Maybe it’s because my head is spinning from all the details of the upcoming SMX West and liveblogging we’ll be doing next week. Susan is going to hold down the fort and help publish all the liveblog posts I’ll be churning out in San Jose. For those who can’t make it to the conference, stay tuned for inside reporting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Let’s start off with some interesting search engine developments:

Looks like the UK has received new regulations from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on Web marketing, including new rules for paid links, according to this article that discusses if your SEO campaigns are ready for ASA guidelines. had a revealing interview with Googlers Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal that talks about how Google defines low-quality sites, what Google is actually calling the industry-dubbed “Farmer” algo update (hint: cute fluffy animal) and verification (pretty much) that the update is targeted towards content farms.

Matt McGee talks updates to Google’s rules for incentivizing reviews for merchants online, the potential conflict of interest with what Google is doing to promote its Hotpot service in Portland, Ore., and if the new guidelines are clear enough (of course, not – it’s Google!).

In entertainment news, Jimmy Fallon makes a pretty good Charlie Sheen (sorry, I couldn’t find any versions without the annoying 15-second ad):

The publishing industry continues to look for new ways to make money in the digital age; Harper Collins told libraries that they had to repurchase e-book licenses after the books had been checked out 26 times, because that’s the average lifespan of a print book. This video explores why Harper Collins is wrong. [So very wrong. The wrongest. Have I mentioned recently that I love my local library? –Susan]

A homeless man in Philly, John Kavanugh, found and returned more than $1,400 in cash this week because he knew that the owner probably needed it. How cool is that? Reports say the owner of the money, an attorney, plans to reward John. Go faith in humanity!

Looking for a new career? You might want to check out the post on the happiest careers in America. No. 1 on the list? Biotechnology. OK, well that’s not really an easy transition — but the No. 2 and No. 3 spots were customer service and education. Susan secretly wants to be an accountant, so the fact that it’s No. 6 on the list might seal the deal. [One day, I’m going to run away to accounting school. Then you’ll all be sorry. –Susan]

Disney-Leibovitz Pictoral

The latest in the Annie Leibovitz pictorals for Disney makes me want to immortalize myself as Sleeping Beauty. To the left is Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz as Beauty and the Beast. [I adore Latifah as Ursula. Let’s face it, Ursula’s the best part of that movie. –Susan]

In other Disney news, this blogger retells the story of a mid-1960s Disneyland mermaid, and what skills she and other women had to possess and master (including smiling underwater without emitting bubbles) in order to entertain guests in the park’s Submarine Lagoon — all for less than $60 a week.

Technically, this next bit of news is from last week, but so cool we had to share it: This Japanese woman takes self-portraits, mid-air. And one more image that’s sure to put a chuckle in your Friday is from The Daily What, “Lost Sign of the Day.” Will somebody please help mend Mr. Richie’s heart?

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6 responses to “Friday Recap: Quality over Quantity Edition”

  1. David Fitzgerald writes:

    Great info Jessica. The Jimmy Fallon spoof was spot on! Very funny!

  2. Jessica Lee writes:

    Hi, David! Wasn’t it? Ha. Have a great day and thanks!

  3. MicroSourcing writes:

    It’s surprising how a lot of websites out there who don’t come off as your typical content farm, like Hub Pages, are getting a crack-down from Google.

  4. Jessica Lee writes:

    Good morning and happy Monday! This whole “quality” thing has caused such a debate. I can see how Google could pool certain sites together, with quality being on one side and low-quality being on the other; but I feel like “quality” in general can be so subjective. What is useful to one person, might not be to the other. Thanks for being an active member in our blog!

  5. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    I’m not sure how much effect the ASA’s new powers are going to have. They’ve not stopped unscrupulous paid search ads, and PPC’s been part of the ASA’s remit for a while.

  6. Jessica Lee writes:

    Hi, Andy — good to know. Thanks for the insider insight. We were having a little discussion on the BCI Facebook page on this topic, and I updated it with this bit of info. Have a great week :)

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