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January 4, 2006

Google gets ADA support

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To celebrate the birthday of Louis Braille, Google has embraced the non-sighted with their holiday logo: a representation of Google’s name in Braille dots. Unfortunately, my monitor must not support the program they used because I can’t feel a thing when I touch the screen. Google is probably working on that.

The logo links to the SERP for [Louis Braille birthdate] rather than just [Louis Braille]. Wikipedia gets the top position thanks to a special result.

Joking aside, today is an excellent time to take a look at your pages and see if they adhere to ADA standards. Imagine a screen reader trying to read your page. Will the information be clear and easy to understand or will a client using screen reader be driven away by stuffed ALT tags? Making your page usable will also help SEO it–your page will be more focused and informative if you remember that spiders, like Louis Braille, are blind.

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