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November 14, 2005

Google Renames Urchin; Gives It Away

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When Google acquired Urchin earlier this year, they were charging $495 for those who wanted to use the service. Then, just a short while later, they dropped the price further to $199 per month. And now, less than a year after acquiring Urchin, Google is doing what Google does best–rebranding it to Google Analytics and giving it away.

That’s right, the “new” Google Analytics is free. It’s also been integrated with Adwords and according to Google Blog, it’s easier to use.

Of course, the real advantage here is to Google. By making it easier for AdWords users (and presumably AdSense users as well) to track how well their campaigns are doing, Google stands to increase their ever expanding revenue stream with grateful advertisers willing to pour more money into campaigns that they see working.

The whole concept is a win-win which means that someone is going to be looking for a catch. I’ll be looking out for those people and I’ll update later with the best of the bunch.

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