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July 21, 2008

Guestblogging Week at Bruce Clay Aug 4-8!

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You may want to sit down for this.

I’m getting ready to do something I haven’t done in…forever. Something that until this day I have only ever seen in movies or read about on other people’s blogs. Something Bruce and Susan have been trying to get me to do for at least a year.

I’m going on vacation.

For a week. With no Internetz. Please don’t fall over and die.

But don’t worry; I’m not going to let the blog die or do anything crazy like leave it with Susan. I wouldn’t do that to you. Instead, I have called upon some of my favorite ladies in the industry to pitch in and keep this place alive in my absence for a Women’s Blogging week of sorts. Some of the names you may know and others you may not, but I assure you they’re all quality search minds and I’m very grateful to each and every one of them for pitching in.

So, without further ado, here’s the line up for the week I’ll be out of town:

Monday, Aug 4:
Kim Krause-Berg, Carolyn Shelby
Tuesday, Aug 5: Cindy Krum, Jordan McCollum
Wednesday, Aug 6: Kate Gamble, Megan Slick
Thursday, Aug 7: Dana Larson, Kate Morris
Friday, Aug 8: Tamar Weinberg, Rhea Drysdale

Stellar, right? I know; I almost wish I wasn’t going on vacation so I could sit and read all their posts!

Hmm, I’m doing this vacation thing wrong already, aren’t I? Drat.

Get set, my friends. The first week of August here on the Bruce Clay blog is going to be rocking with great stuff from some really great ladies. It should be fun all around!

[Not too much fun, though. You have to pretend to miss me. Otherwise I’m staying in Mexico.]

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5 responses to “Guestblogging Week at Bruce Clay Aug 4-8!”

  1. Kim Krause Berg writes:

    Vacation w/o the ‘Net? No Twitter? Out of the country?

    As in we get into Lisa’s place and like play all her music, have wild parties and not clean up after and sprinkle catnip all over for the kitties?

  2. Todd Mintz writes:

    No Michael Gray? Boycott!!! :.)

  3. pat writes:

    That is a stellar lineup, I look forward to reading their articles.
    Naturally I will, every day, weep when I realize that you are gone.

  4. Lily writes:

    Any chance to take me with you in Mexico? Yeah, right, I knew it …

  5. Mikael Rieck writes:

    LOL… a whole week without Internet? Scary :)
    I’ve tried that once and even though I don’t recommend it, it actually felt pretty good (after a few days).

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