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June 1, 2005

Maximizing Your PPC Real Estate

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The Los Angeles Times today released an article on the Google Maximizers, the division of Adwords aimed at helping clients get the most out of the 95 characters that Google allows for their PPC ads. The article touches on a few good points. They describe the writing as a form of haiku almost, so little space to say so much. The comparison to haiku is an apt one. Like SEO copywriting, writing for Adwords requires a deft touch and careful attention to the placement of key words.

The Google Maximizers say that some companies get it-ie, General Motors ensuring they would have ads appearing when they gave away 276 cars on Oprah-and other companies just don’t-Revenge of the Sith partners losing out to spots advertising illegal downloads of the newly released film.

“It’s great that they’re building websites,” says search-engine consultant Josh Stylman, “but if you can’t find them from a search engine, what’s the point?”

Our point precisely, Josh.

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