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September 20, 2010

Monday Quick Hits

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Hey kids. First, a disclaimer:  Without Virginia here, the blog is going to get a little herky jerky for a while as we sort out how to serve our clients and still provide you with sexy-delicious blog posts. This might mean you hear from me more often (look excited!) and this might mean I have to start beating other people in the company until they contribute. Don’t worry, Jessica will still be bringing you thoughtful and useful information on Thursdays so don’t unsubscribe just yet. [No pressure. – Jessica]

Right, expectations lowered? Awesome!

Here’s what you need to know to start your week:

Boxing Girl 2

1. SEO Newsletter

Though you might have missed it as you were rushing off to your weekend, the SEO Newsletter was published on Friday. How sexy is this thing? Well, we’ve got articles on SEO training, on kicking tail in local SEO, on website copywriting with soul, structure, seasonality and SEO. And of course, we cover that little thing Google did to the SERPs at the beginning of September. Should Google Instant panic you? [Spoiler: No.]

2. Be Original or Shut Up

Lisa wants you to know that your (my… our…) Me Too ways are killing everything that is good and joyful about your brand. She’s right. Go read her post for your spanking and then think of something to say that isn’t just “I agree!”  Is it ironic that I’m putting this in a round up post? No idea. Who do I look like, Alanis?

Look, I know it’s easy to coast on what you know. I’m a Dodgers fan. We were crushed this weekend 12-2. When they played Don’t Stop Believing in the 8th inning, I wanted to call them and tell them there’s a point where you have to stop believing. Because beyond that point lies madness.

3. Don’t Just “Get Started”

Now that you’ve been solidly spanked, figure out what you’re going to do better. This post from I Will Teach You To Be Rich isn’t full of search engine optimization tips or anything. It’s about harnessing your ideas, not just vomiting them all over the Web like a cat bent on revenge.

A progress-centric person spends a month getting the small business she works for a strong Twitter presence, because that’s the thing to do, while an idea-centric person spends the same month studying more successful firms in their space, trying to identify what they’re doing better that could be efficiently replicated.

That’s it. Just three solid things. Yes, it’s a short post. It’s Monday and we’re all busy. Go. Do. Stop Whining.

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5 responses to “Monday Quick Hits”

  1. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Sexy delicious indeed, Susan! (Seriously? I can’t just be on my way? BCI blog, you got me hooked.)

  2. Susan Esparza writes:

    Never leave us, Virginia! (Also get a Gravatar set up on this email!)

  3. Lisa Barone writes:

    I think sexy-delicious is my new favorite phrase. I’m stealing that one for my writing class.

  4. Susan Esparza writes:

    It’s a perfectly cromulent descriptor. (I’m so jealous of your writing class. I need to join one myself.)

  5. Man Ray writes:

    I hear you Susan. I’m now well-spanked and gratified. :)

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