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August 26, 2009

PPC Educational Resources – SEM Synergy Extras

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David Szetela, CEO of pay per click marketing firm Clix Marketing, was my guest on SEM Synergy today, and the PPC master had lots to share in the area of PPC campaign planning for seasonal peaks.

Actually, he’s got lots to share on all things PPC — which you can see by David’s relentless participation at search conference, his hosting of a weekly PPC podcast and his participation in Twitter — his stream is overflowing with great PPC-related finds.

David Szetela

In fact, I’d recommend that any search marketer with an interest in PPC follow David Szetela’s Twitter stream — he’s @szetela. Just a quick scroll through his Twitter feed’s front page shows an incredibly high-quality aggregation of pay per click news, opinion and educational resources.

Here are a few highlights from his Twitter stream I thought you’d like. (I have to thank David once again making my job a little bit easier!)

7 Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions

The landing page is crucial juncture of the PPC conversion funnel. Getting the click is obviously only a leg of the battle. If the search ad is the first date, the landing page is the second. No more first impressions and gut reactions — the landing page is an opportunity to woo, to court and to seal the deal. So when faced with seven clear ways to improve the chance of getting that score from a PPC landing page, it’s definitely worth careful consideration.

How to Improve AdWords Quality Scores

Oh the Google Quality Score, the mystery piece of the PPC puzzle. As any PPC pro knows, the Quality Score is a reflection of the relevance of your ad is to a searcher’s query — in Google’s opinion anyway. And in typical Google fashion, there’s a bit of a mystery around what factors are involved in generating the Quality Score. This post compiles what Google has revealed as far as Quality Score considerations, leaving the reader with a concrete idea of what can be done to positively affect Quality Score.

Geographic & Demographic Impact on PPC

A recent study was conducted to determine how geography and demographics affect PPC user behavior. The research used zip codes tied to IPs and census data about average household income, average age, etc., to see if there was any correlation between the factors, both alone or combined. Of the major findings, people in rural areas are doing more searches than the average and those in rural and densely populated urban areas are more likely to click on PPC ads than those in suburbs and small towns — but there was no difference in conversion rate for those who clicked.

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One response to “PPC Educational Resources – SEM Synergy Extras”

  1. David Szetela writes:

    Wow! Thanks, Virginia! I’m blushing and honored.

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