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April 6, 2009

SMX Sydney Site Clinic

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During the site clinic the team of experts speaking and attending SMX Sydney will attempt to show ways to optimise several sites chosen at random.
Following are key points the team made regarding the sites chosen for inspection. – Rand Fishkin & Greg Boser

  • Misspelling of URL not redirect to main site
  • On t-shirts page, all products below the fold which is not great for usability
  • Hash tag in URL for products which means that Google ignores those pages
  • Consider sub-domains for several subjects – Mike Motherwell & Stephen Pavlovich

  • Blog ranks better than actual site
  • Perhaps list al the garages available for storage on Google maps
  • Move to
  • Tweak some content for higher conversions
  • Hardcoded landing pages for search results of storage locations – Bruce Clay & Greg Grothuas

  • Preferred section on home page is not populated
  • Title tag needs some more keywords for certain pages
  • Lack of global navigation
  • Too much white space and try encourage more comments about article entries
  • Some inbound links are from non-relevant sites
  • Sitemap is not in the correct format – Aidan Beanland & Rob Kerry

  • Top navigation looks more like a breadcrumb
  • Home Page title too keyword orientated as opposed to describing the page
  • Use different anchor text besides “restaurant” and “click here” for internal links
  • Linking architecture could be improved, stop using link farms etc
  • Be consistent with content i.e. New Zealand as opposed to NZ
  • Publicise the user generated content section more

This really was a great session to finish off a phenomenal conference, the interaction, dynamics and banter between all the experts on the stage showed how much they enjoyed themselves. So long SMX Sydney, bring on the booze cruise, Marc is outtahere.

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No responses to “SMX Sydney Site Clinic”

  1. Kalena writes:

    Nice blogging guys, just a note that should be :-)

  2. Marc Elison writes:

    Woops, I have changed that, thanks for picking that up

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