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August 29, 2013

Speed Interviews with aimClear’s Internet Marketing Wonderteam Reveal PPC & Social Marketing Advice

aimClear office breakfast and wine

If you could have dinner with one person in marketing and have them answer all your questions, who would it be? My dream scenario came true when I visited the office of aimClear in Duluth, Minnesota, this month. And not to brag, but it was even better than the hypothetical.

In between admiring the internationally assembled fine art collection and sipping 98-point Pinots in the office — for breakfast! Oh the decadence! — I had a chance to glean Internet marketing advice from Marty, Annalise, Merry and Manny. In order to rebalance my Karma points, I’ve got to share some of this wisdom with the rest of the Internet. What follows are the results of a word association game played with the mental muscle at aimClear.

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July 8, 2013

Rebuilding SEO in India After Google Penalty Fallout: Interview with BCI India’s Sid Lal


The director of Bruce Clay India, Siddharth Lal visited the States last month to attend SMX Advanced in Seattle, and afterward, he kept traveling down the coast to our office in southern California, where I got a chance to pick to interview the veteran SEO. Sid has spoken at many SEO forums in New Dehli, and is a leading figure in the searc industry, and the perfect person to talk to about the state of SEO in India.

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March 4, 2013

YouTube and Video Marketing with SMX West Speaker Jake Larsen

Jake Larsen

SMX West is a four-day search marketing conference taking place in San Jose, CA, next Monday 3/11 through Thursday 3/14. If you’ve attended an SMX conference before, there’s a good chance you’re already registered to attend next week’s event – since you know just the kind of first-class information and action you can expect. If you haven’t attended SMX or aren’t sure if you can make it next week, if you’re at all on the fence, or if you’re not sure what the payoff of attendance might be, read on.

This is an interview with Jake Larsen, an SMX West speaker and a brilliant YouTube marketer. I asked Jake to explain the critical components of using YouTube as a marketing channel. As you’ll see, if Jake is any indication of the quality ideas, tactics and advice shared by the hundreds of SMX West speakers next week, well, you just can’t miss it. If you find yourself convinced after reading this interview, be sure to register with discount code SMXW13bruceclay for 10% off. And sign up for Bruce Clay’s SEO workshop for a one-day SEO intensive that will boost your week and Internet marketing skill set.

But right now, let’s think video. Have you created a video for your business? Have you considered the engagement and awareness possibilities of YouTube? Are you wondering where to begin? Jake Larsen is the video marketing manager at ZAGG, an electronics accessories company whose YouTube channel ZAGGtv boasts 23 million channel views and improved online sales 65%. YouTube even asked ZAGG to be a YouTube Ambassador, tasked with helping other businesses use YouTube to best effect. Follow Jake on Twitter, @JakeLarsen7, to access his ever-ready insights into leveraging the opportunity of YouTube and video for business. Case in point…

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September 25, 2012

Interview with Matthew Brown: SMX East Sneak Peak and Structured Data Primer

Star Trek - Enterprise D Bridge Set

tructured data and the semantic web is, nerdy disclosure, one of my favorite SEO topics. Search is evolving before our eyes, not only to discover resources that answer our questions, but also to answer our questions itself, via instant-answer style mechanisms like Knowledge Graph.

I’m practically transported to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. My hand is interlocked with my pre-teen heartthrob Wesley Crusher. We’re .2 light years away from the Galatian moon, where we’re going for our honeymoon. I command Computer to calculate the weather forecast when we arrive. Computer does my bidding. :D

Back in reality, Google has gotten really good at parsing structured data to deliver answers directly in search. Marketers have massive opportunity to stand out in search and provide extremely valuable info to web users. Whether you’ve been following the growth of the semantic web over the years or are just getting into it, you should know Matthew Brown.

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August 7, 2012

Social Marketing, Analytics and the Customer at the Center of It All: Interview with Aaron Kahlow

Aaron Kahlow speaking

In advance of next week’s conference, SES speaker Aaron Kahlow answered a few questions about his session on search-social synergy. The responses I got back look at our powerful marketing channels in a way that subverts some progressive ideas en vogue today, favoring an approach that the SMB community can sink its teeth into.

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July 10, 2012

SEO Ranking Signals: Finding the Right Focus

Bruce Clay on video SEO

Matt Cutts and the Webmaster Help team periodically release videos with advice on search engine marketing and proper technical implementation to aid online businesses. In a recent video, Matt responded to a two-part question to explain the proper focus of search engine optimization. He addressed the questions:

  • Which ranking signals do SEOs worry about too much?
  • What ranking signals should SEOs focus on the most?

Since it’s so important that SEOs remember the objective behind their actions, in a video response Bruce has also tackled the issue of how to approach SEO to see the best marketing and visibility effect.

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June 5, 2012

Matt Cutts You&A at SMX Advanced 2012

Matt McGee welcomes the packed room to our Q&A keynote with Matt Cutts who’s going to answer all our questions of how to rank. Let’s start with Penguin. Penguin to them isn’t a penalty, it’s a calibration of the algorithm. they found a lot of Web spam left after panda they wanted to take care of. Penalty is typically referred to when manual action is taken. Penguin does demote sites, but it’s one of 200+ signals that rank sites. The word penalty isn’t really used in the googolplex. They use “algorithmic” and “manual action”. They can’t put every algo up for all to see, but they are more transparent about how google works on the manual side. You pretty much always get notified in WMT if manual action was taken.

March 14, 2012

Optimizing Your Conference Experience at SMX West: Interview with Toni Carreiro

SEM Synergy logo

Toni Carreiro, like most reading this, spends a lot of time at her desk. She’s an independent Internet marketer and website designer in the Bay Area, and after more than a decade working to optimize client websites she will enthusiastically tell you she loves being a lone wolf gun-for-hire. Still, there are times, she says, when the work of an independent consultant can feel a bit insulating. That’s why she makes an effort to attend industry conferences every couple years.

A mutual friend introduced me to Toni over lunch at SMX West and it was interesting to hear the trials and triumphs of another frequent conference-goer. As we compared our observations of this show and others, I decided this convo was one worth capturing. While we found that there’s an endless amount of opportunity for learning and connecting at shows, one thing there’s a shortage of is time. Watch the video for Toni’s and my considerations for making the most of our time when we come to conferences.

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March 13, 2012

Local SEO Q&A with Andrew Beckman

In 15 years, Andrew Beckman and his team at Location3 Media have seen a lot happen in the interactive marketing industry. As a regular SES conference speaker, Andrew aims to share his knowledge of Internet marketing with attendees eager to know what to do to boost business through the tools of technology.

At SES New York next week, Andrew will be speaking at the session Local Myth Busters – Local Optimization Facts Proven or Debunked, which promises to deliver hands-on tactics for local listing optimization and local SEO. I asked Andrew to give me a preview of what his session will entail.

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March 12, 2012

Link Building Q&A with Jon and Zach Ball


Brothers Jon and Zach Ball are power duo in SEO with a passion for tailor-made link building campaigns. The pair and their company Page One Power have teamed up with SES New York to sponsor a session that promises “No BS Link Building for E-Commerce Sites.” With the conference around the corner, I posed questions to Jon and Zach to see what sure-fire link building tactics are working for their clients. Plus, with all the buzz around Pinterest, I figured we’d see what Jon, an avid photographer, had to offer as far as link building with the Internet’s new favorite toy.

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