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June 7, 2011

SEO and Competitive Intelligence — SMX Advanced

View from an SMX Advanced session

The view outside this session is incredible. I’m trying not to rub it in right now, but there’s natural light, water, trees and boats. Natural light!

View = good. Internet connection = meh. Let’s hope I can publish this.

This session promises to show us how to implement and profit from a comprehensive competitive intelligence campaign.

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The New Periodic Table of SEO — SMX Advanced


Heloooooo, Seattle! Yesterday was like 72 and sunny; today, cloudy and sprinkles. But I still heart you, Seattle. I enjoyed Pike Market with the fish tossing, and seeing the first-ever Starbucks (aka mecca). I keep thinking I’m going to bump into Frasier, but something tells me that’s not going to happen. On to more important things, like the kick-off SEO session at SMX Advanced — let’s do it!

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Overlooked, Underloved and Unknown Analytics – SMX Advanced


Good morning, my friends. Welcome to the first morning of this super quick but super awesome two day conference that we call SMX Advanced. It’s the fifth anniversary of this conference and my, how it has grown.

It’s gray and just a little bit rainy here in Seattle but inside it’s all good times and sunshine. That’s because we have a fantastic panel about to discuss my eternal nemesis — Analytics.

Includes two exciting Feature Announcements from Google Analytics.

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May 2, 2011

Conference Mondays: Interviews, SMX Advanced Liveblog Schedule, Discounts


Hi, boys and girls! Welcome to a new series on the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog we like to call “Conference Mondays,” where we’ll bring you news, interviews and guest posts in preparation for the search industry’s latest events. Today, we’re announcing May guests to the blog, our SMX Advanced liveblog schedule and discount codes for upcoming events.

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