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February 12, 2007

Weekend Update 02/12/2007

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Yahoo’s Big Deal

Yahoo announced a pretty heavy mobile ad deal that will put their mobile network in 18 countries and has already attracted big name advertisers like Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Hilton’s Embassy Suites, Intel, Nissan, Infiniti and others. The mobile ads will allow users to call the advertisers directly or seek out additional information.

Yahoo Senior Vice President Steve Boom said this deal is about Yahoo staking out its leadership in the emerging space on the mobile phone. I’d say; this deal has huge implications for Yahoo. Right now Yahoo has a chance to establish itself in the mobile ad market before Google saturates. So far it looks like Yahoo has all the right pieces in place — it’s scooped up the high profile advertisers, put its platform in 18 different countries around the world and its audience is already there. Good for Yahoo!

Windows Live Hotmail

Proving they really do deserve the We Create Stupid Product Names lifetime achievement award, Microsoft is prepping a relaunch of Hotmail, which will include rebranding the email app as Windows Live Hotmail. It could be worse; it was originally slated to be called Windows Live Mail. I understand Microsoft is trying to get all their apps until the Windows Live name, but I still find the whole thing amusing.

Based on what we’ve read, it sounds like the revamped Hotmail will keep users’ favorite features (check boxes for marking messages for deletion, a classic interface, etc), but will be revamped to make it faster, safer and easier to use. [I miss the interface from the Hotmail of 1998. Does anyone else remember that? When you got to pick what style you wanted?–Susan] Are you looking for like, a hand count or something?

Users may start to see glimpses of the new beta in the new few weeks. Old users will have the option of keeping their email address, and new users will be able to choose between a or a address. Try and snatch from me and I’ll cut you! ;)

Firefox Upgrade Makes a Google Office More Appealing

Read/WriteWeb has an interesting find, reporting that Firefox 3 will support online applications. The coolness of this cannot be overstated. This means soon I will be able to access my email/calendar/miscellaneous blog entry without actually having to be online. I’m sure this upgrade will require Google to make some changes on their end, but they’ll be quick to do it, and then once they do, huzzah!

And why will Google be so proactive about this little backend switch? Because it makes switching from Microsoft’s office suite to Google’s just a little more appealing.

Robert O’Callahan left a comment on RWW that answers my initial "what about the ads?" question:

Ads can be downloaded, stored, and served out of the cache. However, I think people are going to be online most of the time, so supporting offline mode won’t cost the vendor much ad revenue; instead it will just remove an adoption barrier for the vendor’s applications.

That makes sense, but does that mean fewer ads for the user if they’re constantly working from the offline version and the page is never refreshed? Seems like it. Regardless, I very much like the idea of turning my browser window into its own little operating system.

Fun Finds

Search Engine Watch says that Facebook is on the rise. If the fact that I’m finally using the Facebook account I’ve had for years and have never touched is any testament to that, then yes, Facebook is most certainly on the rise. Unfortunately for them, MySpace still holds 80 percent market share to their 8 percent.

Oilman delivers Digglets, ABCs and 123s, and makes me giggle at the same time.

Barry uncovers a Search Love Triangle that has nothing to do with me, Rand, or Mystery Guest. I know; I was surprised too.

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