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February 26, 2007

Weekend Update 02/26/2007

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Good News For Yahoo

It looks like Panama is helping Yahoo wipe all that peanut butter off its face (Rimshot? Anyone?).

The latest comScore numbers found that Yahoo’s new ranking model has helped Y!SM increase its click through rates on ads 5 percent in the first week, and 9 percent in week two. They study also showed that Y!SM had improved their overall clicks on the site with a .5 and 1.0 point increase for weeks one and two, respectively.

Obviously, it’s too early to tell how successful Yahoo will be under the new Panama regime, but this is a good start. I think most advertisers are hoping Panama continues to do well and eventually begins to give Google a literal run for its money. Personally, I just like seeing Yahoo get some good press.

Get The Most Out Of Conference Season

There are a lot of Must Attend conferences coming up in the next few months – Elite Retreat, SES NY, Ad:Tech San Francisco, the China Search Marketing Tour, etc – and it’s important for search marketers to take advantage of every opportunity for knowledge transfer that’s offered. With that in mind, Rhea Drysdale makes her blogging debut at Search Engine Journal with 11 Networking Tips for Search Marketers, offering a great list of tips.

My favorite piece of advice offered by Rhea:

"Keep in mind that just like Britney Spears, Danny Sullivan doesn’t know who you are even if you’ve been reading his posts and viewing his family photos for months."

Hee, so true! And this doesn’t just apply to Danny (whom I’ve never met because I’m too busy hiding behind the largest object I can find once he enters a room. He’s Danny Sullivan after all; I’m not even worthy of looking at him!), it’s applicable for everyone you’ve been quietly stalking reading online. Even if you’re 100 percent sure that Danny, Lee Odden or Andy Beal is the lone reader in your blog readership of one, go ahead and introduce yourself anyway.

Blog Talk At Performancing

There were two great posts by Performancing today. One on How To Find Your Blogging Mojo and another giving readers 11 Ways to Write When You’ve Misplaced Your Passion. I think we’re starting to see a theme by the Performancing bloggers here…

I love posts like these because we’ve all experienced bouts of blogging angst and have needed a good kick or reminder every now and then as to why we do this. A few months back I wrote about losing my voice, and while I’m still fumbling to find it, I like to think blogging is what has kept me bordering on stability. The takeaway for both posts is to find your common thread — "the anchor and guiding light", what motivates you to write. Amazing posts; thanks, guys.

Customer Relations

The super link-able Kathy Sierra has a great post comparing customer relationships to most marriages. Sure, you’re enthusiastic, playful and interested early on, but then the passion fizzles and you’re left bored, annoyed, and on the fast track to divorce court with a drooling baby in tow. It’s the classic bait and switch. Fun, right?

Hmm, not really. Or as Kathy would say, that’s "such a big bowl of wrong".

Kathy reasons that companies should treat their existing customers better than the ones who have given them nothing. Ideally, I think you should treat everyone like you’re still courting them and trying to prove your awesomeness, because really, you are. Contract or not, your customer always has the option to not renew and there are always loopholes to get out of a bad situation, whether its business or otherwise.

Don’t stop sweet talking prospective clients, but don’t ignore the ones you already have either. It costs far less to retain an old customer than to go lasso yourself a new one.

Fun Finds

45n5 developed a Pre-Post GamePlan to help unknown bloggers bring attention to valuable posts.

Ze covers New York’s Winter Storm 07 in a way that perfectly encapsulates how crazy weather people get when it snows. I miss the East Coast.

Sigh. I try so hard to back and then they use their blog for things like Know Your Road Rules With What? Is that show still on the air? Ask, you’re so much better than this. You’re a good search engine with great tools, an awesome blog search, an adorable messenger bag, and a heck of a lot of panache. Let your blog be great. Write about search. Not Road Rules. Not jousting.

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One response to “Weekend Update 02/26/2007”

  1. Arthur Freydin writes:

    Yahoo Panama has been a disaster for us so far.
    It seems like Panama has been almost entirely geared to the small advertiser. The only reason that the click rates have gone up is because Panama offers a third-party convert tool (with explicit support for Google Editor) that converts third-party campaigns to the new Panama format. Being that we have thousands more keywords on Adwords than any other engine, this means that large advertisers are certainly going to be enticed to convert their Google campaigns to syndicate to Yahoo’s new format.

    Once you’re through the initial convert, good luck. We launch/update thousands of new keywords and URLs on a weekly basis with a total of 300k keywords across 12 web stores. Google Editor allows us to do so in an extremely efficient fashion while Panama offers NO tools whatsoever to expedite bulk uploads. That is unless you want to use their new 31 column bulk sheet to upload. 31 columns? Are you kidding me?

    I just don’t understand how Panama could have been allowed to miss the target on such an important part of their “upgraded” UI. What’s even more striking is that I haven’t heard anyone speaking up about this!

    Has anyone realized a solution to this?

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