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October 30, 2006

Weekend Update 10/30/2006

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Google Alerts get revamped

This is kind of cool. Google added a new alert to their Google Alerts system which lets you add set up alerts for Blog Search results. The Google alert options now include Web, Blogs, News, Groups or a Comprehensive Alert which pulls from all four. Very neat and very handy for easy reputation management.

YouTube Cleaning House

NewsCloud reports (via Google Blogoscoped) that Comedy Central attorneys have contacted YouTube and asked them to take down clips of The Colbert Report, South Park and The Daily Show, saying they violate Comedy Central’s copyright. Funny how they didn’t mind when YouTube wasn’t Google-owned. The Daily Show even supported it back in 2005.

This isn’t good news for YouTube or Google. The reason YouTube is so successful is due to the abundance of copyrighted material on the site, especially material from shows like South Park and The Daily Show. They’ve developed into hugely successful water-cooler fodder over the past year. Take these away, combined with the sports clips removed last week, and what’s left? Google Video? Google better start writing up some content-sharing deals pronto.

Rustybrick Imposter!

Over at SER, Barry Schwartz warns of an SEO company in India infringing on the RustyBrick trademark. To make things even weirder, the individual responsible chimed in on the SER blog and in the forums saying he didn’t think creating an email address (and selling SEO services) using the trademarked rustybrick name was at all outside of his rights. Fortunately, I think Barry was able to set him straight. At least for now.

(I wonder if I’ll be cool enough one day to make people in India want to impersonate me. Nah.)

Happy Birthday, Press Release

It may seem like you’ve hated the press release for all of eternity, but it’s really only been 100 years.

Over at SEW, Greg Jarboe has an excellent write-up about the past, present and future of the sometimes-dreadful press release. As much as I don’t enjoy reading or writing the personality-void documents, hearing about their origin was oddly interesting. Maybe it’s because, like all good stories, this one starts with a horrific train accident. Cool!

Freeing Willy

Oh dear. There really are no words for this one, other than that I don’t know if Danny Sullivan’s youngest son will ever forgive him for this. Poor kid. That’s what happens when your dad is the renowned Danny Sullivan. [Can you imagine what will happen when his potential dates google him in a few years? Oh dear, indeed. –Susan] — It’s too horrifying to even think about. Parents shouldn’t be allowed blog. The potential for harm is too great.

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