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January 5, 2005

Who googles at Google?

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Nathan Weinberg at InsideGoogle has assembled a neat look at what search engines the search engine companies use. Using information from VisitorVille Intelligence, Nathan serves up an interesting report on the searching habits of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Google employees are the most loyal–100% use the company engine. Yahoo! employees search via Yahoo! about 69% of the time and Google 30% of the time. 66% of Microsoft employees prefer Google as well, only 20% use MSN Search. I wonder how Microsoft will stack up once they finally take MSN Search out of beta. Will they switch from their current loyalty to Google?

There are several other interesting statistics linked in the article as well, including the top browsers, screen resolutions and OS’s used by each company. I’m wondering who the .6% of Firefox-using Microsoft employees are.

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