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Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO Training and Industry Conferences Discounts

Conferences and SEO training are an important part of both continuing education for those already in the industry, and fast-track education for those who are ramping up their search engine optimization and Internet marketing efforts in the coming year.

Now more than ever before, we are seeing a shift in the consciousness of businesses across the United States, moving away from traditional marketing and focusing on Internet marketing, with SEO absorbing a huge portion of marketing spend.

The shift in focus is also evident in the growth of SEO-focused topics at conferences tailored to all types of industries, and the general growth of search-specific conferences and events. These conferences show that search engine optimization is going mainstream, and prove that SEO and Internet marketing are at the forefront of any business' survival in these digital times.

Discounts at-a-Glance

Student Loyalty Program for SEOToolSet® Standard and/or Advanced Training

Returning students of the SEOToolSet Standard and/or Advanced classroom training receive 25 percent off when they register again through our Student Loyalty program. Those signing up with the returning student (friends, colleagues, etc.) receive $300 off training.

Exclusive Discounts to Returning Conference Students

Been to Bruce Clay, Inc.'s SEO training workshop at one of the many leading search marketing conferences we offer it at? Now, you can subtract the cost of what you paid for the conference workshop (with proof of receipt) from the registration costs of the Standard and Advanced (together) SEOToolSet Training classroom in Southern California, taught by Bruce Clay himself.

SEMPO Members Discount

As a bonus to those who support the Web marketing industry’s professional organization, we’re giving all SEMPO members a $200 discount on SEOToolSet® Standard and/or Advanced Training in Southern California. Considering that annual dues to SEMPO are $125, you’re essentially making money when you sign up for SEMPO and SEOToolSet® Training together. Proof of membership required after signup.

Register for SEOToolSet Training and claim your discounts! 

Learn New Tools and Tricks of the Trade

Since its inception in 1999, Bruce Clay, Inc. SEOToolSet training has educated thousands of students and evolved to meet the growing demands of the fast-paced search industry. Recently, Bruce Clay, Inc. debuted an updated SEOToolSet training course to meet the changing face of the industry.

The three-day standard training, two-day advanced course and one-day conference training now reflect some of the most recent developments in the search industry, including updates to:

  • Blended search.
  • Local search.
  • Mobile search.
  • Behavioral search.
  • Google's algorithm and interface.

As always, the SEOToolSet Training teaches search marketing professionals:

  • The importance of search engine optimization in business goals and ROI.
  • How the different search engines work.
  • What must be done in order for websites to achieve top rankings and what might be impacting rankings.
  • How to make websites more relevant to the search engines and their human audience.
  • How to increase click-through rates to websites.
  • PageRank concepts and how it relates to rankings.
  • How to use Bruce Clay, Inc's proprietary SEOToolSet® technology to assist in SEO strategy.
  • How to identify the best keywords for websites.
  • How to identify and analyze top online competitors.
  • How to implement on-page optimization best practices, including HTML components such as Meta data.
  • How to increase link popularity.
  • How to ensure Web pages are indexed by search engines.

New SEOToolSet training also includes access to our rehauled SEOToolSet, Version 5. Version 5 of our renowned tool set includes:

  • The ability to view reports in multiple languages.
  • Faster reporting than ever before.
  • A modern user interface with updated dashboard that features the most relevant at-a-glance data.
  • The fastest performance of any ranking monitor on the market, with capability to run manual ranking monitors or schedule them as needed.
  • The capability to export data into report formats that work for various needs.
  • Compatibility with multiple modern browsers and operating systems.

Each student receives a subscription to our new SEOToolSet along with an in-depth training binder, covering all the course materials. Students also receive a subscription to LinkMaps™ and PathMaps™, with full technical support.

Register for our SEOToolSet Training.

Now is the Time

Conferences and SEO training are a perfect way to prepare for your marketing efforts in 2012. Businesses that ignore the importance of Internet marketing to their success in the coming year will surely feel the impact, as companies across industries will surpass their competitors through the latest online strategies.

Have questions about our training, upcoming conferences and discounts? Call us any time at 866.517.1900.


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Read all 222 reviews about SEOToolSet® Training
The advanced course is a perfect extension of the standard course. I highly recommend taking both courses as the advanced ultimately answers the questions that you have after you've taken the standard course.

Rating: 5 of 5

Allison - Cincinnati, OH

Outstanding training from the Gold Standard in SEO.

Rating: 5 of 5

Julie - Atlantic, IA

The Bruce Clay Advanced Certification SEOToolSet Training will be a game changer in being able to monitor our IS&T team and their changes to our website and how it effects SEO. We have been running blind without these tools.

Rating: 5 of 5

Mary - So. St. Paul, MN

Probably the best SEO training available

Rating: 5 of 5

Katja - Miami Beach, FL

This course is great for SEO newcomers, as well as SEO power-users. The topics discussed in the course vary widely for any range of SEO experience.

Rating: 5 of 5

John - South St. Paul, MN

This is an awesome course for understanding how SEO actually functions, from the ground up.

Rating: 5 of 5

Jack - Port Hueneme, CO

Excellent experience, Thanks you.

Rating: 4 of 5

Nikhil - Edmonton

The course helped to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of SEO, and it was great to learn from Bruce firsthand.

Rating: 5 of 5

Daniel - Canton, OH

Advanced Certification SEOToolSet Trainging Course was a very enjoyable course. The instructors thoroughly explained each concept as students had answers. The material helped me understand, in depth, all of the information that I had learned in the Standard SEOToolSet Training course.

Rating: 4 of 5

Alina - Anchorage, AK

The Advanced Certification SEO ToolSet Training Course by Bruce Clay, Inc is one of the most resourceful ways to learn and understand Search Engine Optimization. With the knowledge learned from the Advanced Certification SEO ToolSet Training Course our companies will easy move ahead of the competition and excel in search results.

Rating: 5 of 5

Cynthia - BELOIT, WI

I loved the way Bruce presented the material and answered implementation of the material on company specific questions. I found Mindy to be more approachable and personable. Both instructors also incorporated jokes throughout the presentation which kept things fresh and exciting; there were a lot of laughs! I enjoyed the specific knowledge the instructors had on and about Google, also their personal horror stories based on previous clients were quite entertaining. The materials were outstanding; I specifically loved the SEOToolSet Checklist. The over all experience was relaxed but highly professional.

Rating: 5 of 5

Darian - Anchorage, AK

Search engine optimization should not be attempted without some instruction and guidance. The BCI SEOToolSet Training Course provides the necessary knowledge and tools to pave the way to SEO success!

Rating: 5 of 5

Jennifer - Jackson, MS