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July 2, 2008

Flying Couch to Fly Again!

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Last year we asked for your assistance in helping Kent Couch find his amazing flying balloon chair and video camera and you did! His 2007 flight took him on an awesome nine hour, two hundred mile tour across Oregon before he had to touch back down. For most people that’s enough chair flying for a lifetime but not this crazy man. Kent Couch will be reliving his amazing balloon-filled journey with a brand new 2008 flight. And this time you can go along with him!

Well, sort of.

On July 5th, Kent will set out on another epic journey in his lawn chair equipped with 165 helium balloons that he hopes will take him from Bend, Oregon to Boise, Idaho. To help share the experience with fans (and possibly to keep better track of his chair and camera this time), 2008’s journey will be ultra tech-friendly. Kent will be twittering from his flying lawn chair until his cell coverage dies out at and fans will be able to track Kent’s movements using Google Maps. Last but not least, there will also be live video coverage coming straight from the launch site on Saturday morning at

Congrats to Kent for not only making his childhood dreams come true for a second time, but for taking his idea viral. It’s always fun to see how people are able to use Web applications to bring new life to old marketing efforts. See, you don’t have to trick people or spam your way for links. Sometimes you can simply do something so silly and so awe-inspiring that people can’t help but link and talk about you. [I’m afraid of heights. How about a Top Ten list of why I’d never fly a lawn chair to Idaho? –Susan] How about a Top Ten list of why anyone would want to go to Idaho in the first place? Is there even a Top Ten list for that?

Kent will be taking off from Stop & Go Mini Mart in Bend on Saturday morning, so if you’re in the town, head over to the Pilot Butte Theater, park your car and look up. Let’s hope Kent’s journey goes well, otherwise that’s going to be the saddest Twitter stream evar.

Mr. Couch, we want to wish you lots of luck, fun, and non pointy things as you make your journey to Idaho. And of course, a major thumbs up for a piece of link bait even Matt Cutts himself would get behind.

Good luck, Kent!


You can find photos and video from last year’s journey on the Web site. You know you wanna look! ;) ]

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3 responses to “Flying Couch to Fly Again!”

  1. Lisa Barone writes:

    @Matt: Bad, Matt! BAD!!

    @Derrick: Ooo, get us exclusive photos! :)

  2. Derrick Wheeler writes:

    I’m going to wake up early and drive to the launch. I’ll be live twittering as an observer and also taking pics and video. @DerrickWheeler
    Fun stuff!

  3. Matt Cutts writes:

    (Assuming Kent survives. :)

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