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July 28, 2006

Friday Recap 07/28/2006

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Yahoo! launched a new version of Slurp. Yahoo says the new crawler will scour the Internet faster and use as much as 25 percent less bandwidth. While Slurp: Version Upgrade spent his week running in tandem with Yahoo’s older crawler (resulting in more crawls), he has since familiarized himself with the route and will be taking it over full time.

Why do I associate Slurp the Spider as being a rather large, but undeniably friendly, black tongued-dog? There’s something wrong with me isn’t there?

Did you know Ask’s Blog Search allows you to narrow your search by Authored By X or Posts About X when you search for a blog author? I didn’t, even though it looks like it’s been around since June. It’s a pretty cool feature. I know I’m having fun with it.

A DP thread shows Microsoft will be hosting a user interview session sponsored by AdCenter in San Francisco next month. Excellent. Maybe msndude will be there.
Tom Ruscoe hit the Google jackpot yesterday. Snooping around the subdomain allowed him to sign up for a bizarre tester account where he could check out unreleased Google services. What’d he find? Things like Google Guess, Google Events, Weaver, Google RS2 and a long list of others. Tom’s method of capitalizing on his snooping included registering a credit card with Google, but Danny Sullivan shows you how to mirror some of Tom’s finds without registering the evil plastic. Or at least it did before Google shut it down. Rats.

Speaking of Google jackpots, remember that guy who complained about Google Checkout? Well, Google apologized by sending him a crazy amount of Google swag to make it up to him. We’re talking hats, T-shirts, pens, mugs, key chains, pens, Google gum, a Google USB hub (and light and thumbdrive…) and stuff so cool I can’t even identify it. I’m so jealous.

People are talking about Google Project Hosting. I won’t lie to you – I’m far too pretty to know what this is/ means/ implies. But my deductive reasoning skills tell me it’s probably a place for people to host open source projects. Smart, huh? All I know for sure is there are terms like “Subversion repository”, “Subcommander” and “OSCON” involved. It sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

GigaOm’s Katie Fehrenbacher teases us that she was selected to be a beta tester for Google’s Mountain View WiFi network. Totally cool, but I think Katie is holding out. She gives us no real details about the service and claims she can’t see the SSID. Hmm, do we believe her? Katie has screenshots over at GigaOm. But no secrets.

This made me laugh. Gawker (yeah, I know) “poached” Jason Calacanis’ letter to Amanda Cognan and ammended to fit the situation now facing the staff of Teen People (they’re all now out of work). I don’t know what’s funnier – how seamless the modifications were or that Jason Calacanis felt the need to clarify:

“Just for the record, this is a parody and I have not made any offers to anyone over there (in case folks are just reading the headline).

In fact, this is the first I’ve ever heard of Teen Vogue.”

Don’t lie, Jason. We know your fridge is plastered with images of Kelly Clarkson and that Katharine McPhee girl.

Phil Lenssen created a fun game called The Blog Surprise Game. The objective here is to find people who just posted their first ever blog entry and welcome them to the blogosphere. Phil doesn’t want you to know this, but the real objective is to send these newbies so much traffic that their blog crashes and they give up entirely. Phil doesn’t like competition. We’re on to you.

Google: The Musical, “a fable about the dangers of information ubiquity” is playing at the Minnesota theater festival. Stick around for the after show – The Geniuses Involved With This Play: Google’s Suing You for Trademark Infringement.

Want to know what all your favorite logos would look like all Web 2.0’d? Check out this site. My personal favorite is the Olive Garden design that features a “saladshare” option to “let your friends know what you choose from the salad bar in realtime”. Sweeeet! And if you order extra breadsticks you put yourself in the running for a free iPod. Now that’s a deal. Flicker has even more images.

If you’re looking for more Flickr fun, check out this oldie but a goodie thread that shows Yahoo! needs to give its employees parking lessons. Some of these are just ridiculous. I think people who park directly in the center of two spaces should be forcefully taken out of their cars and kicked very hard in the shins. But that’s me.

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