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January 9, 2009

Friday Recap: Up and Down Edition

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[To the rhythm of the We’ve Got Spirit cheer]

We’ve got new tools, yes we do. We’ve got new tools, and you can too!

[Bebops a couple more beats silently in chair]

Eh. I never was much of a cheerleader. My point is, have you test-driven Bruce Clay Inc.’s free new tools yet? What are you waiting for!

While you’re at it, go ahead and register for SMX West and SES New York (February 10-12 and March 23-26, respectively) because discounted early registration rates expire at the end of the day. If you miss the deadline, you can always save on your all-access pass to SMX West with the discount code smx15bruceclay. Bruce Clay is teaching the official training course following SMX West, so there’s one more reason to go.

You’ll also be interested to know that a new search industry conference was announced this week: IM Spring Break. From the same great people who gave us IM Broadcast and last year’s Scary SEO, this conference happening April 2-4 in Florida is sure to warm your Digital marketing cockles after the cold winter. (Cues laughter.)

This week there are a number of conferences that are happening or have happened, like Affiliate Summit and the Consumer Electronics Show (Wi-Fi enabled digicam!) in Las Vegas and Macworld in San Francisco. The utility of Twitter at conferences is clear from the increase in live tweet coverage of shows, like this one transmitting Phil Schiller’s Macworld keynote.

Even more stunning, though, was the Israeli consulate’s Twitter press conference last week. This was significant not only because it was the first Twitter press conference (at least that I know of) but also because it signifies the power of the platform and acts as further proof that organizations will be embraced when they reach out online. It probably didn’t hurt Twitter’s popularity either.

A bit more concerning, Twitter’s been battling a number of hacking efforts, including the hijacking of more than 30 accounts of celebrities and phishing scams that promise iPhones.

C’mon, people! There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But maybe there is such a thing as buried treasure found via Google Maps!

Rounding out this week’s Twitter news, Zane DeFazio at We Build Pages shared a clever new way to post stories from Google Reader to Twitter (it beats trying to levitate them from one location to other, although I hear it can be done) and Digital Biographer shared the most amusing tweets of 2008.

The beginning of one year means lots of lists and info about the last year. Tamar Weinberg meticulously rounded up her favorite blog posts of the year. Traffikd collected 35 Digital marketing blogs worth your attention — and we made the list so you know it’s good. Lee Odden looked to the future with social media search engines that can be of great help in brand monitoring. And I recalled years past when I ran across the Dial Up Kid. You’ll want to take your headphones off for that one.

PETA started the year off on the crazy foot with their campaign to rename fish kittens of the sea. Huh? An effort like that is about as likely to succeed as a group of hardcore bikers rescuing itty-bitty fur balls. Wait a minute…

I’ve got a game for us to play as I wrap up the recap. Let’s call it Up & Down, shall we?

Up: Online video views grew 34 percent year over year (and nifty monetization efforts are underway)

Down: Online retailer’s holiday sales

Up: Facebook traffic on Christmas Eve

Down: Respect for Yahoo’s paid search management program

Up: Social media marketing budgets in 2009 (follow the money…)

Down: IE browser share drops below 70 percent [Hurrah for Firefox! –Susan]

To make up for any depressing feelings that may have inspired, here’s a group of adorable pug puppies to cheer you up.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • The botnets are coming! The botnets are coming!
  • Watch this video and you’ll never go hungry again.
  • Despite Mr. Tyson’s believe, spaghettification does not sound like a good way to go.
  • Mustaches have always had a certain appeal. But a ukulele and a mustache? Irresistible.
  • Ada Lovelace Day, an international day of blogging about women in technology, is March 24. Shh… don’t tell Michael Gray.
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