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February 6, 2009

Friday Recap 02/06/2009

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Good day my fine search friends. You know what time it is!

Over the weekend everyone was in a tizzy about Google’s boo boo. Apparently the entire Internet was flagged as malware. Oops!

Then there was that little game that a few people tuned into last Sunday. As usual, advertisers paid top dollar for a spot during the Super Bowl. Vanessa Fox refereed the action with her calls on how the ads could have taken better advantage of search.

Games seem to be a hot item right now. According to one report, video game sales grew 11 percent last year.

Twitter’s also in the midst of a popularity surge, which is understandable since everything from the mundane to the outrageous is fair game to share with your network. Take Erykah Badu. This week she tweeted her childbirth. Sure there’s nothing you can’t tweet about, but maybe there are some things you shouldn’t tweet about…

Then again, it seems that privacy is a thing of the past. The Google Maps Latitude feature lets people track people’s whereabouts and is available on a number of smartphones. So where on earth are Twitter and Facebook’s geolocation features already?

Next week SMX West will be going down in Santa Clara. It’s not too late to register at a discount compared to the price of a pass at the conference. Plus, did we mention Bruce Clay, Inc.’s one-day SEOToolSet Training is following the show?

Susan will be covering the show for our readers in the expectedly witty BCI way (if I do say so myself), while Search Engine Roundtable is trying out a new liveblogging style that will no doubt be worth a look.

Another upcoming conference, IM Spring Break, is giving away a ticket and a four-night stay at the Hilton to one lucky contest winner. SEMpdx also announced the birth of a new conference series in Oregon this March called SearchFest.

At TED, conference goers were in for a much less pleasant experience — a swarm of mosquitoes let loose by Bill Gates. People don’t like being attacked by mosquitoes, Bill. Maybe you should have read some of these awesome usability resources before unleashing a plague.

Here’s a bit of usability genius at work. Yahoo’s testing Search Pad, a feature that will capture and collect URLs as you research. Considering that I constantly have four Word docs open so I can organize my finds throughout the day, this feature sounds incredibly useful.

What’s not useful? Not having water. Want to know where the water is, Barry? Still, as Barry noted, the inconvenience in lacking water pales in comparison to cutting off the real bloodline — the Internet. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Fortunately, the force is strong with the Internet. Matt Inman presented some notable search news of the winter season in his trademark animation to comical effect. That’s not the only thing to smile about. It looks like online ad revenues are picking back up. In other online ad news, Google may have rolled the image search ads into the mainstream.

Then there’s social media, a favorite use of the Internet for bajillions of people. If only marketers could get a better understanding of the marketing opportunities. According to MarketingSherpa, lack of knowledge is the biggest hindrance to social media adoption. While the desire for such knowledge is growing, Dave Snyder challenged the industry not to deem oneself a “social media guru” unless the title is earned. [In a cage match? –Susan] Oo! Brilliant idea! What do you think, Dave?

And finally, congratulations to the winners of the SEMMYs! That’s a solid group right there.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • Cash4Gold needs to refine its rep management approach.
  • Hostel living has upgraded to first class style.
  • The scent of maple syrup, which has terrorizing New Yorkers for years, has finally been brought down.
  • Evidence of the first winking smiley face have been discovered in a document from 1862!
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