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February 26, 2010

Friday Recap: Dance Like You Mean It Edition

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So I’m getting pretty anxious. I don’t know if it’s the caffeine IV drip from this morning or the tornado brain I get before leaving town for a monster search relay like SMX West, but things are getting all Fri-dazed up in here.

I mean, is it true that I might really hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer address a house packed with search marketers? As Marty Weintraub of aimClear wonders, could the occasion of Ballmer keynoting a search conference usher in a new SEO era? How refreshing to think that Microhoo may support the SEO industry!

Here’s a story that seems to defy understanding. Facebook has been awarded the U.S. patent for the (implicit) social network feed. According to All Facebook, the implicit feed refers to the list of actions taken by friends and not the updates voluntarily posted by friends. As my industry friend @Pamela_Lund so aptly put:

tweet by @Pamela_Lund

I’ve been thinking for a while how awesome it would be to have a complete guide to microformats, listing all the different kinds of microformats and how to implement them. As soon as I scrawl “guide to microformats” on my wish list, voilà — Yoast brings us Google & Microformats: Drive More Traffic. Examples and implementations of microformats for organizations, products, people and reviews are all there.

In a mine in Zambia, workers found what’s being called the Insofu (or “elephant”) Emerald. The emerald is called the Elephant because a life-sized elephant can actually be carved from its flawless 6,225-carat form. Okay, that’s a lie, but it’s one incredible stone.

At SEO Book this week, guest poster Tom Demers outlined 3 Steps for Optimizing Content for Long Tail Keywords. The diagrams and screen shots will help readers visualize the step-by-step. And the three steps are simple enough on paper, but could have a strong effect once executed on a site.

Speaking of powerful secrets spilled, hoo boy did Rae “Sugarrae” Hoffman spill it in Woulda, Coulda Shoulda Had Success with Affiliate Marketing. Detail by detail, Rae spells out exactly how she launched and developed her affiliate site According to her, the post is a blueprint for success. …What the heck am I waiting for?

belly dancer

Over at Copyblogger, Rae’s partner at Outspoken Media, Lisa Barone hits another post out of the park. While reading What Belly Dancing Taught Be about Personal Branding, I alternated between the “oohs” and “ahs” of newly gained knowledge and the belly ache of laughing myself to pieces. Instant classic.

Google took a hit this week when an Italian court convicted three of the company’s executives of invasion of privacy. The conviction stemmed from a video of bullying that was uploaded to Google Video. While Google says it did what it could to remove the video after receiving complaints, the judge found the Google execs guilty of neglect. The result of the case stood in contrast to other cases around the world that have cleared of culpability hosting sites that don’t create their own content.

Yahoo! has partnered with Twitter, and starting this week, Yahoo! users are able to read their personal Twitter feeds on Yahoo! sites, including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Sports.

Yes, social sites are where it’s at as more and more people get on and get involved. So it was probably only a matter of time before California’s San Quentin State Prison got reviews on Yelp. It turns out the place doesn’t come highly recommended, getting low scores on the dining choices and things to do! Unless management takes a lesson in ORM quick, I wouldn’t recommend going there any time soon.

One celeb who’s got developing brand loyalty all figured out is Lady Gaga. In Loyalty lessons with Lady Gaga we learn that there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to Lady Gaga’s adept social media involvement and her love of little monsters.

A revolutionary fuel cell energy device has been introduced to the market. Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box just might bring next generation fuel cell energy to the real world. According to the company, a Bloom Box the size of a small refrigerator could power a “small Starbucks”. The energy created with fuel cell technology costs less, is cleaner and is more reliable than most of the popular energy creation methods currently used.

A new social media site has gone viral. Chatroulette connects strangers via webcam chat. The network’s defining feature, its cloak of anonymity, stands out amongst the networks popular for connecting friends and family. But make mistake, this isn’t a new thing. It’s more like an old thing, like when AOL chat rooms were all the rage. A/S/L, anyone?

And finally, I want to leave with the most joyful Web site I’ve come across in a loooong time. I present to you: Promtacular! I could just leave it at that, because this Web site speaks for itself. But in fear that you might not click through to that who-knows-what vaguely introduced site, believe me — you’ll be glad you did.

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