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September 29, 2006

Friday Recap 09/29/2006

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It’s Friday Recap time again. Let’s see if we can make this one a little more lighthearted. I don’t want to depress Susan again like I did last week.

Over at Daggle, Danny Sullivan shows us why Teddy Roosevelt would have been a Web 2.0 expert. Apparently the former president had a fascination for dropping excess letters. Here are some of the “simplified spellings” Roosevelt was said to be in favor of:

clipt rather than clipped
dript rather than dripped
fixt rather than fixed
ript rather than ripped
winkt rather than winked

That Rosvlt really was ahead of his time.

Also from Danny, we learn that like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, [please shield the children] Citibank’s S. Larson is not real. And if he was, he would likely be more than 300 years old.

Lifehacker suggests users set their most often used passwords as helpful reminders. That means instead of using the name of your childhood pet as your GMail password (RIP Floppy), try using “gotothegym” or “eatmoreveggies” instead. This is supposed to remind you to actually do these things, or I guess, at least make you feel guilty when you don’t. Personally, I feel like my parents have instilled me with enough guilt, thank you.

DMeurope had a really good find this week with their article Blurb launches blog-book-service. For a mere $30, bloggers can convert their rantings intelligent musings into hardcover books. The service is free to play around with and content can be organized either by date or topic. That’s totally fun.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t turn your computer on for a few days? Or whether the moon would suddenly drop out of the sky if you refused to look at your email for days on end? I know, it’s a scary thought, but Scoop at SEO Scoop was brave enough to attempt it. After his “forced absence”, Scoop found that no matter how much things change, nothing really changes. Deep stuff, man.

Good Morning Silicon Valley made us all feel a little more dumber this week with their link to this 3rd grade geography test. Can you placed 48 of the 50 (Hawaii and Alaska are left out) on a map of the United States? I sure couldn’t. Those middle states are plenty tricky.

Over at InsideGoogle, Nathan Weinberg found that the new version of Google Reader comes complete with a fun Easter egg that directs users to the End of the Internet. Pretty cool.

If you’re looking for some more fun stuff, SEO cartoons seem to be all the rage these days. My personal favorites are located at (today’s is especially giggle-worthy), but Stuntdubl points users to two more sources for SEO cartoon fun.

Something handy for all you New Yorkers – a map from Gawker that identifies those odd smells permeating through the NY subway system. After perusing the map, I’ve decided I’d rather NOT know what some of those smells are. There’s safety in the not knowing.

My favorite news piece of the week comes from Britain’s Telegraph and recounts what happens when you leave a 3-year-old to his own devices on eBay. Obviously, he logs into your account (when will you people learn to stop storing your passwords!) and buys himself a car on the Internet – and not just any car, a Barbie pink car. Oh, yes. This kid is in for a rough adolescence.

Phil Lenssen created a fun Related Images Tool. The tool works similar to Google Sets where you type in a series of words and Google will show images related to the words you typed in. It’s fun to play with, though a little buggy. Check out the first image on line two for my “cat, dog” query. It’s related, only not.

Exciting for grammar nerds, the Chicago Manual of Style is officially online. Success! Now you grammar-inept readers have no excuse for making a mess of your words. [Good grammar costs nothing! –Susan]

Now, I realize that this has nothing to do with Digital marketing (though I could fudge a correlation if I really had to), but BoingBoing gives us even more proof that Americans are completely disgusting. I mean, seriously. Who would eat that?

Lastly, a personal message to our friend Matt Cutts: Next time you take screenshots of your feeds (which we very much enjoyed, thank you), please expand your black hat folder. We’re dying to know who’s in there. Pretty please?

See, now that was lighthearted and fun, right? You can stop crying now, Susan. [I will if they all promise to go read the September SEO newsletter. –Susan]

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