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October 20, 2006

Friday Recap: BCC Edition

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Over at Search Engine Guide, Stoney deGeyter discovered that Incisive Media failed to hide their email list in a recent mailing (who doesn’t use BCC?) – exposing more than 500 email addresses, including employee email addresses from Google (about 35), Microsoft, LookSmart and others. This is a Major Oops on their part. Most people would opt not to share their email address with 500 of their closest friends and competitors, thank you.

The silver lining here is that the guys at bLaugh were all over it.

To BCC or Not to BCC

Heh. I love them.

I learned two very important lessons this week. First, don’t ever use Internet Web Hosting, and more importantly, never ever upset Michael Graywolf. Oh, the power of the internet.

A third interesting fact I learned this week: Barry Schwartz doesn’t own a television. That hurts me. Evilgreenmonkey jokes that Barry will miss out on all the celebrities living under one roof and being filmed out in Hicksville. I’m assuming he’s not talking about this one. Funny how you don’t question the names of things until after you leave the state.

I’m sad to report that I have unsubscribed from the Evil Matt Cutts blog. I know, I know, I was a fan too, but the writer has forgotten his/her role – which was to mimic blog entries by Matt Cutts and insert references to boiling body parts, not to give commentary. If you want to do that, you have to tell me who you are. Okay?

The Guardian dug up some dirt on Ms. Dewey. Apparently when she’s not being incredibly annoying and moronically tapping on your computer screen, she moonlights as a singer and an actress. Yawn.

SEO Black Hat identified The 9 Personality Types of a Comment Spammer. They’re funny because they’re true. My favorite will always be The Foreigner. I can’t tell you how many times those kind Nigerians have offered me millions of dollars. What generous hearts.

[Bonus: Watch Ze Frank perform an example of The Foreigner. Good day!]

Rand created a poll to determine which search engine/property is most likely to take market share from Google. Why should you participate? Because if you guess correctly there’s a chance you may get a lollipop in 2017! Who doesn’t like lollipops? I wonder if I can I get that hand delivered? Rand?

Over at SEO Egghead, Jaimie Sirovich penned A Geek’s Guide to Rejection. His initial list is amusing, but the comments are what really make this one giggle-worthy. Especially Natasha and Woofie’s list of additions and this gem provided by Gravity:

“404 Not Found: “Where’d all my stuff go?””

Geeks are good people.

Phil posted an awesome interview with Niniane Wang this week. If you haven’t read it, you should. Niniane is extraordinary and will make you feel like a bum for spending your early double digit years flicking girls’ ears instead of learning various programming languages and skipping multiple grades.

Gurtie reveals that Google has started the process of discovering the next Marissa Mayer and gives a snapshot of some of those said to be ‘in the running’. There’s no way any of those ladies will make the cut. They don’t look nearly as brainy or elf-like as Marissa, and I can guarantee you none of them went to Stanford. And most disturbing, some of them aren’t even blonde. Get serious, Google. [Hey, now, those women were (Spoilers!) highly successful business people before their husbands had them turned into robots. –Susan] — Yes, but now they’re vapid and useless. And I’ve always imagined that to emulate Marissa you need to be robot first, theeeen sucessful business woman. Not the other way around.

If you enjoyed the videos in last week’s Recap, here is a couple more:

I’m not sure how Recap-ish this is, but these charts just blew my mind. What exactly are Microsoft’s 70,000+ employees doing over there in Redmond? That’s quite an army. I knew Microsoft was big, but I didn’t realize it was its own country. (via Digg)

To give this Recap a healthy disturbing twist (after all, Halloween is coming, right), Boing Boing links to some outrageously creepy Victorian post-mortem photographs. Apparently back in the day it was very common to take pictures of yourself posing with your dead children. Some of these are straight out frightening, like, um, this one. Enjoy, party people!

And lastly, while I have your attention, a quick note to all SEOToolSetâ„¢ users that the tools will be DOWN starting today (Friday) at 5:30 pm PST, as we move them over to a new server. Have no fear, everything will be up and running again on Monday. Consider this your excuse to turn off your computer this weekend.

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