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October 27, 2006

Friday Recap 10/27/2006

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I’m back!

Susan may have locked me in the Bruce Clay, Inc. storage closet for attempting to dethrone her on Tuesday (sick? Please.), but I was able to use my MacGyver-like skills to break free just in time for this week’s Friday Recap. Have no fear, searchies, the Recap lives on! [That’s it, no more cold meds for you.–Susan] — [griiiiin]

The week got off to a sweet start when Microsoft’s IE7 team sent Mozilla a cake to “congratulate” them on the shipping of Firefox 2. Aw. Well, as Nathan says, it was either a kind gesture or a slap that IE7 had been released a week earlier. We’ll go on thinking it was the former, though a more appropriate gift would have been a puppy. I like puppies.

Google unleashed a flurry of laughs after they posted a set of Google usage guidelines to help users distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate uses of the word “Google”.

It is it silly? Yes.
Is it absolutely necessary if Google wants to defend itself in court? Yes.
Will actually going to court to defend its trademark be fruitless? Yes.
Will I continue to say and write that I “googled” something even if I used Yes.

Well okay then, let’s move on.

Phil Lenssen points out that an “Aboriginal American face” was spotted on Google Maps earlier this week. I can’t determine if that’s more or less freaky than the giant 120 foot bug. Less? How do people find these things?

I was not a fan of Ms. Dewey. I thought she was rude, annoying and useless (I may have even mentioned killing her), but TwoFour, the “robotic walking, talking and somewhat cheeky search engine“, is totally cool.

TwoFour, which looks like a Johnny 5 replica, will be the tangible part of, South Africa’s largest search engine portal. In other words, he’s their Jeeves. The character will be featured in’s advertising campaigns, have its own blog, list of celebrity ex-girlfriends and will attend swanky social functions. TwoFour rocks.

George W. caught a lot of grief after announcing on-air that he uses “the Google” to pull up satellite maps. (Like how he used “the Internets” in 2004?) Yeah, yeah, so he made a mistake. But if you’ve watched the video, you know the really cool part is that George apparently reads Google Earth by hovering his hand horizontally over the floor, transmitting the information from his hand all the way up his arm. No word on how it gets from his arm to his head. Ohh…

If you’d like to help George avoid further embarrassing situations, you can now act as George’s speechwriter. Wicked fun!

It’s October 27 and that means Halloween is right around the corner. To prepare for the big day (and the humiliation we will be forced to endure here at Bruce Clay – expect pictures, that’s all I’m sayin’), BoingBoing points us to some very handy Halloween safety tips (and the most tasty looking pumpkin ever!). Take this one for example:

“1. For large groups of trick-or-treaters, always set at least one child ablaze, ensuring enough light that other children won’t trip over uneven pavement.”

That is excellent advice, though the child needs to be adequately soaked in lighter fluid.

Also from BB: “Dog sucks psychedelic toads to get high“. We’ll let you read that one on your own. You’ll never look at your cocker spaniel the same way again.

Lastly while I have your undivided attention (don’t go!), I’d like to remind you that our first ever Sydney, Australia training session will be taking place from the 12th to 14th.. If you’re in the area or plan to be, make sure you register and stop by. Can you name a better setting for your Valentines Day 2007? We didn’t think so.


Watch this video (via Dooce). It’s completely unrelated to search but it will be the funniest minute or two of your day. I promise. Chuck (pictured below) represents all that is good in puppies.

How can you say no to that face?

[No, really, no more cough medication for you.–Susan] — Don’t pretend you weren’t impressed. I watched your face.

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