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November 3, 2006

Friday Recap 10/30 – 11/03

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Hi guys. Let’s get to it, okay?

We’ll start with some of this week’s Most Fun’s:

  • Most fun game ever? Line rider. (via Rocketboom)
  • Most fun video ever? This one. The only way this video could be made funnier is if we got Fernando to remake it. Unfortunately for us, he has far too much self respect for that. [Also a greater sense of self-preservation than shown in the video. –Susan] — it’s because he went to Stanford.
  • Most fun offer ever? Represent Ze Frank at the Vloggies and wear a Ze-provided duck suit. Wicked awesome!
  • Most fun demo ever? The new Flash demo released by Ask. Why wasn’t I asked to be the quirky Ask-enthusiast female sidekick? I’m personally offended.

Earlier in the week, Jeremy Zawodny asked, What’s your stripper name? (and got a good reaction out of Susan…) If you haven’t played before, you take the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on and combine them. My stripper name is Bo Bo Cygnet. That’s hot. [I don’t have a stripper name. I’ve never had a pet. –Susan] — That explains so much about you…

I have to thank WebMetricsGuru for giving me the biggest laugh I had all week. Just go here. I’m still giggling.

Amusingly, the Music Industry Piracy Investigations developed a Web page to tell you if you’re a pirate. I was totally tricked into clicking on this link. I thought it was going to ask me the name of my parrot or give me an eye test that I would ultimately fail. But, no. It just tries to make me feel guilty about downloading copyrighted music — which I don’t. I’m poor. [Neither do I but that’s because I have Yahoo Music Unlimited which is awesome and everyone should get. –Susan] –/plug?

In Search of Stuff penned the Top Ten Ways to Build Your SEO Brand Through Paranoia because everyone knows the best way to get someone to do something is to scare the bejesus out of them. (Notice the URL is actually the top ELEVEN ways – we were cheated!)

The Google Operating Blog gave users 10 Tips for Google Image Search, which are totally fun and included things I never would have thought of. Like this one:

“2. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, the pictures may help you.”

Freakitude revealed 40 uses of Google, but there has to be way more than that. That list doesn’t include stalking. Hmm, can you think of any more? [Phillip has 55 ways to have fun with Google so I think Freakitude has work to do. –Susan]

Congrats to Matt Cutts for the best search-related Halloween costume I’ve seen thus far. His Jeeves was straight on – even if Matt refused to shave his head. My fiancĂ© was particularly amused by his Silent Bob impression. Both were very good. Good going, Matt.

As you’ve probably read, IE7 has been officially released. What makes IE7 so different from the versions that came before it? Well, according to IE Platform Architect Chris Wilson, "it doesn’t actually suck". Heh, yes, that would certainly be an improvement. [Team FireFox!]

Kathy Sierra wrote an awesome article entitled Why does engineering/math/science education in the US suck? If you haven’t read it, you should. I overheard two of our very intelligent analysts talking about this very topic yesterday. Both seemed apt to agree with Kathy. Personally, I can’t count past twenty. I think math, I think pie charts and Pac Man.

Because sometimes you just need a little reassurance, someone found a giant Jesus Loves You that’s visible in both Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s like your own little virtual hug.

Phil Lenssen rewrote a girls’ love story for the year 2006. You know it’s bad when the object of your affection blocks you on AIM. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Over at SEOmoz, Rand created a great post where he explains How Much You Should Make depending on your position in SEO. It’s a pretty interesting roundup if you’re interested in seeing where you stand.

In totally unrelated news, I’ve decided I am going to hang up my blogging reigns and become a full time SEO! You’d trust me to optimize your site, right? I’m told I have a very honest face.

Side note: Rand, are you listening? After much thought, Susan and I have agreed that we have absolutely no idea what the ‘moz’ in SEOmoz stands for. It’s causing us both a great deal of stress. In fact, we often wake up confused and disoriented halfway to Seattle to kidnap Rebecca for answers. Please help us. All our love – the BC blog girls

This is interesting in a scary, is-he-serious kind of a way. Over at WebmasterWorld, one member wants advice on "finding help" (help=people) without breaking the bank. He’s apparently in favor of hiring people who are too dumb to ever become competition and giving people "small jobs" so they can never see the big picture. Oy. There are so many things wrong here.

Also, in case you missed it, the SEO Newsletter went out this week. Its chock full of October’s goodies, and includes articles touching on Site Usability and Keyword Research. If you like what read, subscribe!


Just a reminder that I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading to New York this weekend for Ad:Tech, so expect session updates all next week. Also, if you’re attending the show or just a NY resident, drop me an email and we’ll meet up. See ya there!


Bugs up close!

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