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June 9, 2006

Friday Recap: Secret Identities

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Okay, it’s Friday Recap time again. Prepare yourself. There’s even a cartoon midway down today. Ooooo, pictures!

After a lot of talk, the House of Representative passed the Pro-Telco bill last night by a 321 to 101 margin, and rejected the Net Neutrality amendment that Google and many others hoped would go with it. Now it’s off to the Senate.

Supporters of the amendment predicted the vote’s outcome would ‘represent a turning point in the history of the Internet’. That’s probably accurate, though slightly dramatic. I guess we’ll see. This issue is nowhere near resolved.

Kim Krause provides some additional commentary over on her blog in a post entitled Imagine There’s No Internet. Go read it. But come back.

Nathan reports Windows Vista beta 2 is now available. But before you go running over, make sure you have 11.23 gigabytes free for the download. Leave it to Microsoft to create a product most people don’t have room to use. Good job, guys.

Snoops are finding weird Google references turning up all over this week. Phil Lenssen points to a Change Authorized Websites link found on the Google Account homepage. Hmm, could this be some sort of ID verification system? Or Google Passport perhaps? “Lighthouse“? Then again, maybe it’s some sort of PayPal-esque feature where sellers can withdraw money for the things users buy on Google Base. I really have no idea.

What is Google M Scrapbook? An old name for Google Notebook? Or something entirely different? Let the speculation begin.

And did you happen to catch “Ron Google” at the MTV Movie Awards last night? Sadly, I did. Poor Yahoo!, they just can’t get a break.

Not sure if paid search is for you? Forbes released new numbers this morning showing sponsored clicks were up for all the five of the major engines, despite click-through rates suffering slight drops. The survey also reported that Google has claimed 61 percent of the global market share, with Yahoo! making up 20 percent. Wow, that’s like, all of it.

There was a lot of talk about journalism this week after Mark Cuban wrote an oversimplified post about Why Journalism Matters (I’m not linking to him, sorry) and the need to entice readers with a ‘payoff’. You know, besides the learned information. Tell me again why I should listen to anything Mark Cuban says? Because he bought a basketball team and funded the rebirth of IceRocket? Maybe he just should concentrate on helping the Mavs beat the Heat. Sorry Antoine, I love you, but I detest Shaq more.

Crime is up and little old ladies are being left to cross the street alone. Do you know why? Because there aren’t any more superheroes! And do you know why there aren’t any superheroes? Because they are all hiding in fear of being outed by Google. It’s not right, people. It’s just not right.

Barry points us to some fun SEO comics a member posted on the SER forums. We liked them so much we’re going to show you one right now. That’s right; the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog now includes pictures. Huzzah!



Do you know why hackers shouldn’t be allowed to marry one another? Because they do ridiculous things like write their wedding vows based on the number sequencing of Pi and Phi. There’s even a comma where the decimal point should be. Who are these people and how do we make sure they don’t have mathematically-neurotic children?

Speaking of children, CNET went undercover this week to find that babies love dialing 666-6666. Just more proof that babies are evil.

Are sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing not enough for you? Feel like you need more senses? Wired News let us in on a man who had a magnet implanted into his finger. Others who have had it done (there are others??) report being able to tell when a wire is live, when they’re going through a magnet security-scanner, or when their laptops’ hard drives are spinning up. That’s great and all, but what happens when they stand a little too close to the refrigerator. What a nightmare.

More news that doesn’t matter: Slashdot tells us college students prefer their iPods over beer. That’s the basis of a new ad campaign right there. It’d be so much better than the Mac/ PC ads.

Lastly, thanks to Jeremy for sharing the diet plan that helped him lost 50lbs over the past year. This week Jeremy taught us how to set goals and judge calories, how to eat less, use Jeremy’s diet spreadsheet, identify the ‘three habits’, and how small changes can make a big impact over time. I’m proud to say I have adopted the calorie spreadsheet and am anxiously awaiting the dropping of 50lbs in time for my 2007 wedding. Thanks, Jeremy. You’re the best!

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  1. Isulong SEOPH (with SEO Comics) writes:

    Isulong SEOPH Comics Episode 20

    Feel free to link the SEO comics! Subscribe to it! was good enough to show my comics to their audience. Thanks guys!

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