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January 12, 2007

Friday Recap 01/12/2007

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I’m jealous. It sounds like there’s a fun blogger/search meet up happening in PA in a few weeks where Li Evans, Kim Krause, Loren Baker and others will all be attending. I, however, will be stuck in California unable to attend. Not that anyone asked me, but I think the next one should take place in southern California. On the beach. I’ll bring the drinks!

According to Yahoo and WebProNews, it’s National Break-Up Season, which means if you were only staying with your significant other to avoid to the awkward "So, are you seeing anyone" question that never fails to come from your wrinkled, near-death relatives, now’s the time to cut them loose and get your date on.

In unrelated news, if you’re an attractive, not-living-with-your-parents male between the ages of 25 and 30 (?), Susan and I are both single. Super. [Next week: The Bruce Clay Dating Game! Optimized to find you a mate. Please send headshots.–Susan] – Really? Yes!

MiniMatt posted the Top 8 things to do before (and after) you stupidly lose your wallet. It’s a Must Read, if only because I am the queen of losing my wallet. And my keys. And my glasses. And sometimes a cat or two.

Karl Ribas’ blogs had one of this week’s funnest finds, reporting that "Plutoed" was named 2006’s word of the year. That is awesome. I plan to use plutoed as often as I can in casual conversation. For example, it really bothers me that Susan continues to pluto the blogworthness of my cats. Just because she’s allergic doesn’t mean she gets to ruin all my fun. [They tried to kill me. I’m allowed to hold a grudge. –Susan] – They didn’t try to kill you. They just wanted to cuddle. It’s not their fault you’re allergic.

Another fun find for this week, did you know that Chris Hooley can do the patented jump through your leg dance move? I am so jealous. Maybe I can get him to teach it to me at the next SEO conference.

Quite brilliantly, Phil Lenssen created a generic template for the next company releasing a touted "Google Killer". It needed to be done. I love the idea of paying users $3 per entered search query. I’d be able to pay my year’s rent in a day.

What better way to celebrate the year of the pig than with a pork-scented scratch-and-sniff stamp whose glue tastes of sweet-and-sour pork. Excuse me while I go throw up…

Or, if you’re looking for something to help you keep your food down, how about some frozen milk. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Evil Matt Cutts Myheritaged’d (2007’s word of the year?) the real Matt and found that he most resembles James Bond. Now, I’m not saying Matt Cutts is not a dead ringer for Pierce Brosnan (he is a hottie, after all), but I performed the same test on myself and was told I am an 80 percent match for Cameron Diaz. Um, yeah.

Boing Boing asks if a safe playground can be fun. The answer is NO! It is not the wild running, nor the carefree playing, that makes a school playground fun. It is the knowing that at any moment little Johnny may be catapulted 10 feet in the air when he’s-just-big-for-his-age Charlie jumps off the see-saw and sends him a-flyin’. Or that Sally may face an untimely demise when her perfect pigtails get stuck in a merry-go-round crevice and she’s violently dragged under the spinning wheel. Oh. I’m scaring you again, aren’t I?

Also from BB, I don’t know what kind of mom you had, but I want this one. Parents in Rhode Island are hardcore!

Slashdot asks if you should tell a job candidate how badly they did on an interview. The answer to this question is always yes. Any opportunity to pluto someone and make them feel like total useless space should always be capitalized on.

Gord Hotchkiss wrote a frightful Day in the Life of the Average American. What makes the article unnerving are the stats Gord lists, including that people spend a total of 65 days in front of the television and only a week reading the newspaper. Who are these people and how do we revoke their cable?

Just a reminder. That small, dog-like creature that’s drooling and crawling around your house right now is called "a baby". As its "parent", you are expected to feed it several times a day. If you don’t, it said baby will embarrass you in you public by "making friends" with statues. This concludes today’s personal service announcement.

Tomorrow’s a big day for me. With the help of almost half the BC staff, I will be moving my possessions and liabilities kitties into a brand new apartment. I’ll admit that while packing this week, I often stared at my kitchen utensils and thought, "Hmm, I wish I had another use for all these white plastic forks". And now I do! Never let it said that Bruce Clay kids don’t know how to par-tay.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday. Now let’s see how long it takes for Chris Hooley to comment. Ready? Go! ;)

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7 responses to “Friday Recap 01/12/2007”

  1. Brian Mark writes:

    So why did those foodstamps make you want to throw up? Is it the people using them, or just the flavor? ;)

  2. Lisa writes:

    Hey now, I never said I didn’t have the most fun job in the world!

    And to be fair, the kitties didn’t attack Susan until last night. And they didn’t attack her, per se, they just wanted to be cuddled and loved. It’s not their fault she’s freakishly allergic.

  3. SEO Portland writes:

    Ok Lisa I’m jealous. Not only do you get to cruise on boing-boing and get paid to do it, you’re kitties assaulted a co-worker and you still got a job. Tell Bruce it’s time to open a satellite office up here in Portland stat.

    –p.s. are PJ’s ok for the first day?

  4. Lisa writes:

    You mean the pool we didn’t have? Um, sure. You win the right to help me move tomorrow. Congrats!

  5. Susan Esparza writes:

    *clicks stopwatch* Five minutes. That’s really impressive. Does this mean I win the pool, Lisa?

  6. Chris Hooley writes:

    Oh and yes, I can teach you that move, but it will require extensive drinkbaiting before the lessons!

  7. Chris Hooley writes:

    I heart the Friday Recap (espically when they mention me!)

    the Lisa rocks!

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