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February 2, 2007

Friday Recap 02/02/2007

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Hi guys!

I hope you’re doing okay after being subjected to Susan’s faux Friday Recap last week. You know how she gets. This first find is actually dedicated to her. Susan, are you listening? Go grab a pen. [You mean am I editing this like I do every single entry? Why, yes, I am. And just for that I’m going to be really chatty this recap. –Susan] — Oh, here we go.

Over at Perfomancing, Raj Dash instructs readers on How To Blog Like Om Malik. With that in mind, here are some instructions on How To Blog Like The Lisa.

  1. Mention Rand Fishkin and your undying love for him whenever possible.
  2. Quote Ze Frank’s daily awesomeness.
  3. Work the words "awesome" and "huzzah" into every post. At least twice.
  4. Don’t be afraid to laugh at your own jokes.
  5. Subject readers to uncomfortable glimpses into your personal life even though they don’t care.
  6. Always up the snark level.

Okay, I think that does it. [You forgot “always mention how adorable you are.” See? I pay attention. I just don’t have your East Coast sense of humor. I’m dry like the desert from which I hail.–Susan] — Do you need a hug or something? You’re very hostile today. And the adorable thing only works for those of us that actually are. Snap!

One more thing I want to clarify from Susan’s "Recap": That sponge trick mentioned only works on wet sponges. She was clear about that but some people seemed to have skipped over that part. Apparently, when you throw dry sponges into the microwave they burst into flames. Just something to keep in mind. Please stop sending us your insurance claims.

This one is pretty big. Loyal readers know that Susan and I agree on virtually nothing. She likes sushi, I like my food cooked. She wants a pony, I want Rand. I’m fun and she’s cranky. However, we do share one thing in common. We both want a blue shuffle. Admire the cute and buy us one!

It turns out I’m way cooler than I thought. Why? Because Kathy Sierra and I stay organized the same way – with a small moleskin notebook and colorful Post-It notes. Suddenly being obsessive compulsive is cool. Huzzah!

This is actually kind of sad. Search Engine Land reports that Aussies got all dressed up in crazy outfits, created $10K banners, and wrote Google love letters in anticipation for the flyover Google was scheduled to do. Then they were stood up. See, Australia, that’s what happens when you go back to the pre-Internet era.

Do you think Bruce would mind if I installed the Super Mario Firefox theme on my for-work-use only laptop? Yes? [Yes.–Susan] Okay; then don’t tell him.

If you hate your kids and want to terrify them, this is awesome. Or it’s a scene out of You Can’t Do That On Television and they might actually enjoy it. I’m not sure. [Did you know YCDTOTV was Canadian? That explains everything.]

Gray Hat News says what we were all thinking but were too polite to say after learning about Technorati’s Where’s The Fire site.

Good Morning Silicon Valley gave Susan a list of new pompous ass words for her to work into normal conversation. She’s been sleeping with it under her pillow ever since. [I’m hoping it works by proximity.–Susan] — You’re why the analysts are afraid to come in our room.

Is anyone else worried that Barry Schwartz has become one of those married people who won’t rest until everyone else is married too? This week he promoted that crazy SuperBowl proposal guy (again) and name dropped another geek who proposed to his girlfriend via the F12 key.

All this makes me very sad about the current state of proposals (Barry’s proposal to Mrs. Schwartz excluded, of course). At 24, I’ve been proposed to three times and each attempt was worse than the last. [Oh, whatever. I’m 25 and I’ve been proposed to exactly zero times. –Susan] Proposing to your girlfriend via the jumbo screen during this weekend’s Colts/Bears game is only romantic if you’re a football, beer, hotdog-worshipping boy. If you’re a girl, it means you have to make up a story to tell your parents.

But I won’t pick on Barry. Frankly after his Matt Cutts camping dream I’m a little concerned.

Though I thought it was pretty scary the first time around, someone gave the When Harry Met Sally trailer a horror remix. The music is brilliant.

To get you into the spirit of hotwings and Sam Adams, Ze Frank covers the Super Bowl in true Ze awesomeness.

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3 responses to “Friday Recap 02/02/2007”

  1. David Temple writes:

    A newlywed sharing his dreams of another man. Wow, that is not good. And please don’t share any uncomfortable glimpses of your private life if they include Rand in your dreams for goodness sakes. It will make any future proposals difficult at best for that “lucky” guy.

  2. Lisa writes:


  3. Matt Cutts writes:

    Awesome. :)

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